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How do I determine last day?

Hello! This is our first child! My EDD is June 16th. I am a 4th grade teacher and am on my feet quite a lot during the day. I am wondering what you guys think about a possible last day or should I just try to make it to the end of the school year, which is May 31st for my students but June 4th for me as a teacher. I plan on asking my OB at the next appt, but was hoping some of you helpful ladies could share your experiences. Thank you!

Re: How do I determine last day?

  • If you're having a healthy pregnancy you can work up until week 38 or even longer if you really want to!
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  • Thanks! I am taking the day off tomorrow because I'm learning to listen to my body. I am just TIRED and in a little pain!
  • I'm still working and will until a day past my due date.  If LO hasn't arrived by then, I'll go ahead and start my maternity leave.


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  • Id say go for June 4th as your last day, thats what Im doing.
    Im due june 20th and plan to work till June 9th. Im also on my feet all day.

    Just change plans if your body tells you to between now and then.

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  • all the teachers in my district take the 4 weeks before you're entitled to.  I took 3 with each because I just picked a good stopping point.  W/ DD it was the last day of February, with this one it's the last day of testing.  I think for you a good stopping point would be the end of the school year, but if you want to take off sooner, go for it.
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  • I teach Kindergarten & stand on my feet all day (I don't even have a desk in my classroom).  I plan to work until I go into labor.  I don't really understand sitting around at home doing nothing, waiting until baby decides to come, especially since first-timers often go later than 40 weeks.

    In your case, I'd work until the end of school, since it's before your EDD anyway. 

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  • Do you have paid maternity leave that you are wanting to use since you are due in the summer?  I am a teacher as well, but in my district we do not receive any paid time off.  We can use our personal days and sick days, but anything after that is docked.  This in itself required me to work up until I delivered with my first son.  This time around I'm due in July, so not an issue for the before baby part, just after baby part. 

    I also don't think I would want a lot of time off unless I was uncomfortable or having complications.  You want the time off after baby, in my opinion, not before. 

  • With each of my pregnancies, I've had to have a completely different last day.  It really just depends on how your body is holding up and when it is time to call it quits.  With this one I am only working 1 day a week, but do a pretty physical job.  I had planned on working until 38 weeks, but had to cut down to half days around 35 weeks because it was just getting so hard to make it through a full day.  If I was working full-time though and could manage it, I would definitely want to take off for a week before baby comes.  Couldn't imagine going into labor and delivery and post-partum and newborn care after having just finished out a full workweek!
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  • I commute daily and plan on working up until she gets here. But again - Im at 35 weeks and so far, its been an easy pregnancy, no major pains, swelling or any issues. Just listen to you body :)
  • I was 17 and in high school when I was pregnant with my first.  I actually went to school the day I went into labor.  I had my first contraction during pre-calc and my second during Spanish class.  Then, I went home for a few hours before going to the hospital.

    With my second pregnancy, I was due on July 25th.  I worked until the end of the day on the 15th (which was the end of the pay period).  I got home at 5:30 pm, had my first contraction at 7:30 that night, and was in early labor for two days.  DD was born on the 17th.

    This time, I am not working, so my last day isn't really an issue...

  • I am a third grade teacher and our last day with students is the 29th.  Our last day as teachers is June 1. My plan is to work until the end as my due date s June 8. I too have had a pretty good pregnancy and feel I will be fine to work until then. 
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