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How do you do it?

I am a fairly new SAHM I have a DS who is a bit over a year and a DD due in june. I also have a husky puppy and a wolf malamute. Im just wondering HOW DOES EVERYONE DO THIS. I am terrible at keeping up with housework and baby and puppies and hubby needs I just dont know how to get it all to work it seems like when one part is going right (like house is clean) another part goes to hell (hubby romancing) Does anyone have any tips for this young mommy?
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Re: How do you do it?

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    I try not to stress about it and just get what I can done. Some days are easier than others. Your DS is starting to get old enough to 'help' w housework. It takes a little longer but keeps him occupied while getting something done. Like playing in a sink of water while you clean the kitchen, or give him a rag to help dust, help you sort laundry. Be creative. I also clean the bathroom while DS takes his bath. I try to keep things picked up throughout the day, so it never gets too out of control. Housework doesn't come before DS or DH, and he understands that i do what I can.

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  • Maybe try scheduling specific chores for specific days..that way you're not trying to do everything every day. 
  • I honestly don't try to overthink it and stress over it. If something doesn't get done on a particular day that I planned for it to be done/wanted it done, I let it go until the next day... For example, if I'm supposed to clean all the bed sheets and something else comes up and I push the laundry aside, I just get to it the next day.

    H and I try to set aside date nights. We try to have at least 2 a month, if not, more. As far as the bedroom aspect, H and I make time for that (haha, sorry if it's TMI)...

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  • I have learned to manage better and stress less. I think it gets easier the longer you are home.try not to put too much pressure on yourself.
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  • No one I know does this.  I don't know a single soul who keeps up house and romances hubby while 8 months pregnant with a 14 month old at home.

    Give it a year or so.  When your kids are a little older and you aren't pregnant anymore, you will have more time for hubby and housework.  Right now is just about survival. 


  • I just do specific chores on specific days and that helps. You know, if you can't get to it that day, there's always the next day. Try not to stress and enjoy your time with your LO Smile There will come a day when you will have more time for having the house cleaner or more organized and those days I bet we will be reminiscing about the days when our LOs were little again. 
  • You dont. And pretend you do :).  I used to work 80 hr weeks in corporate law and that was better than this... Sometimes :).  Agree w advice on trying to pick days for each thing so you don't feel like it builds up. If DH complains, leave him alone with LO for the day ;). You answered my question on the puppy.... DH wants a dog
  • I have a housekeeper who comes once a week, a DD who is in school from 7:30-3 and DH only gets sex when it counts...oh and we are not pet people.

    ETA---Don't stress about it. It will all get done in some form or fashion.  

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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
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