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The swelling in my feet and hands is out of control! I have always had low blood pressure and my weekly check-ups of my blood pressure have been fine. But when people see my feet they tell me to go to the doctor. Is there any reason to call the doctor for swelling if my blood pressure is low?

Re: Swelling!!!

  • I am pretty sure from experience that if your BP is fine then your call to them is going to result in a "yep, it's normal"

    I remember calling my OB when I was pregnant w/ DD- I have an admin job- so a portion of it is sitting throughout the day and I remember looking down thinking "Dear god, there is NO way that is normal" I called them and they were like "Yep, it's normal, try to drink a lot of water and elevate your feet.. don't sit or stand for too long"

    It's one of the not so finer moments of being pregnant..


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  • Yep-I have low blood pressure and my feet are like something a kindergartner would draw.  Round circles with pork sausages for toes.  I drink water, raise my feet during the day on my small file cabinet, etc.  Nothing helps.  They hurt, too.  I can feel how tight they are.  Guess it will make post pregnancy feel wonderful, though! ;) (you know, besides that whole recovery thing....)

    When I did my half and full marathons (between 16 and 20 weeks), my hands would swell to the point that I couldn't bend my fingers.  THAT was gross. 

  • I started swelling in my 2nd Tri and have continued to blow up since then. I too have horribly swollen feet. My ankles look like they are broken, less the blue and purple coloring. I try to moisture several times a day because now I'm getting these horrible dry indentations where my skin is literally folding over. Ugh! I've been told most of it will be gone by the time I leave the hospital... which could be a week away. Yahoo!!

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