Scheduled csection due to breech baby - cervical checks?

Yesterday at my 35w appointment, my doctor mentioned that next week they'd start cervical checks for dilation.  

Is this really necessary considering baby is breech (with a low chance of flipping due to her size)?

I trust my doctor and all but it just feels unnecessary to check to see if I'm dilated because a) I could walk around for the next 4 weeks (csection at 39w1d) being dilated and b) if I do go in to labor and baby is breech still, it'll end in a csection anyway.  

Thoughts?  Thanks!  

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Re: Scheduled csection due to breech baby - cervical checks?

  • I totally agree! Seems un-necessary.
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  • I had none...DD was breech and you could clearly see her head through my stomach so there was no need.
  • Perhaps they are checking to see if you are progressing faster than what your due date suggests.  If you get too far along with the dilation and effacement they might move up your c-section date.

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  • The only thing is if you do start dilating they may want to do the c section sooner. I don't know that for sure but I know some people have come in and were dilated pretty far and they didn't know there babies were breech. I don't know. I could be wrong. You can always ask your ob. 
  • I had a scheduled c-section due to a breech baby and never had a single cervical check.
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  • I never had cervical checks until I went into labor - I had a scheduled c/s due to breech presentation too. I guess every practice is different.
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  • I never had cervical checks because they could see just by looking at my tummy that her head was still way up in my ribs.  My LO was breech.  But, maybe they should have checked me because I went into labor the night before my scheduled C-section and I did not know it was labor cause it was just back pain.  But, I started spotting and good thing cause when I got to the hospital I was 6cm dilated.  They moved my fast into the OR.  If I did not spot I probably would have been having that baby at home.
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  • I got checks b/c they kept hoping til the last minute she would flip and I wouldn't need a c/s.  Now I didn't have a RCS scheduled and I had a cerclage in which was the main reason to check.  If you think it's unnecessary just tell him you don't want them.  Sometimes they do things so routinely they don't even think about if it's necessary or not.  I personally don't care for them because how dilated you are really has little to do with when you'd go in labor but more to do with when the drs would put you in labor, but I'm staying off that soap box today LOL. 
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  • I have a cs scheduled for Tuesday. He did a check this past Monday because technically I could have had the cs today, right at 39 weeks, but he was going to be out of town. He wanted to check me to see if there was anyway he could do it before 39 weeks (and I guess you can only do it if I was dilated a certain amount). But, I was only finger tip dilated, so, most likely won't go into labor now). Hopefully I don't since he isn't back until Tuesday.
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