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question for working moms (and moms-to-be)

When are you taking off for maternity leave?  I originally planned on working as long as I possibly can (Although I'm full time, I'm technically contract, so I don't get paid for time I'm not in the office.  Also, my boss is the only other person in the office so she relies on me for a lot, and I feel bad about leaving her for too long).  I'm 35 weeks now, and I'm starting to get so tired that I'm not sure how long I'll manage working full time.  I might lessen my hours or work some from home.  I'm just curious when everyone else plans on taking off?

Re: question for working moms (and moms-to-be)

  • I haven't fully decided as of yet..I know my job doesn't consider maternity leave to begin until the baby pops out..lol..so I may go two weeks before and use my own time..unless the baby has other plans or I need to go out early for a medical reason and then take STD..Honestly I'm 29 weeks and exhausted!
  • I am using some vacation time before baby is due - so my last day is April 27th and I am due May 17th. I will come back to work in May 2013 (we get a year off in Canada).



  • My c-section was planned for 39 weeks (a Tuesday).  I worked up until the Friday before and started my leave the day before. 

    This time, I am scheduled for 39 weeks, 3 days, (another Tuesday) and I will be working until the Friday before, once again and start my leave the day before.

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  • At this point I'm planning to work up until the baby is born, or my due date, whichever is first.  I could take off at 38 weeks without jeopardizing any time off after the baby, but we are in our busy season and I would lose the opportunity for overtime if I did that.  As crappy as I feel, I need/want that extra money if I can get it.  Plus, I doubt I would feel any better staying at home chasing a toddler around for those extra weeks. 

    ETA-in my job it will be easier to have a firm date as a last day, rather than working right up until I deliver.  Obviously I'm gambling that I don't go into labor prior to 40 weeks, but if I go past my due date I'll just turn my work over to my replacement from that point.

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  • My c/s is this Saturday and I'm working until Thursday. I'm taking off Friday to pack/prep/clean my house. I have been exhausted for weeks but I wanted the most time off after baby is here.  
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  • I work in L&D and I will be working until I deliver.  I see too many women take time off early and regret it.  Personally I know pregnancy is really uncomfortable especially toward the end, but I don't understand not pushing through.  It saves us money and that is very important to me/our family.
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  • I will work until 41 weeks or I deliver, whichever is first.  Last time I did the same and I don't regret it (I delivered at 42 weeks last time).  I would rather save time off for once baby is here
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  • I'm still working and plan to right up until I go into labor.  I just didn't want to use up my time off before the baby was here.  I am lucky that I can do my job from home if needed, so if I go overdue I plan on working from home until the baby comes.

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  • image Kristinmo:
    I will work until 41 weeks or I deliver, whichever is first.  Last time I did the same and I don't regret it (I delivered at 42 weeks last time).  I would rather save time off for once baby is here

    This is what I did last time (and will do again).  I gave my "for sure last day" as the Friday after my due date, but #1 surprised us at 38weeks. 

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  • I will be calling my office to inform them that my maternity leave is starting once I'm in labor.  I don't want to take any time off beforehand because I only get 7 weeks off (6 weeks of short term disability and 1 week of vacation that I've accrued) and want to save it for when the baby is actually here.  I wish I got more time, but it's just not a priority in the U.S.
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  • I am teaching in Canada... I plan on taking some sick time towards the end of my pregnancy.  I'm due the 25th of May, so I plan on working until about the 4th of May. 


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  • I am working until I go into Labor. I want to save all my time for after the baby is born/.


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  • both previous kids I worked up until the last day (friday with dd1, went to the hospital Sunday, she was born Monday) and dd2 I went into labor monday night, I had been at work that day.

    This baby I have a scheduled c/s on a Wednesday, if she comes early I will be working until she gets here other wise the Friday before my c/s will be my last day

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  • hocushocus
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    I worked until labor both times. For the most part taking time off before would have cut into my time off after the baby and that was more important to me.
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  • I'm a contractor too so my time off is also unpaid.  I wish I was already out of here.  My last day scheduled is the Friday before my due date.  I'm due on a Tuesday.  That Friday also happens to be the last day of the month so it was convenient paperwork-wise.  I went ahead and scheduled 7 weeks off in case baby makes a late appearance.  I'm strongly considering not going back after baby arrives, but I would really miss the pay check.  This is the most I've ever earned in my life.
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  • I'm working until the end.  My due date is a Friday - that last week (the week of 3/26) I'm working from home and will continue to do so until I have the baby.  It's what I did with DS and it worked really well.  Not only are you more productive b/c you can just be in sweats and not deal with a commute, but it sort of forces your coworkers to at least try to problem-solve without you being right there to answer a question.  If there is something you've missed training someone on, or another issue, you can be available by email or phone before you go totally on leave.
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  • I plan to work as long as I can and would love to work up until labor. I am only 28 weeks so not sure what to expect as of yet but I will have the option to work from home a lot towards the end which should help me. Good luck with your decision.
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  • I have went down to part-time, but I plan on working until I go into labor. 

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  • I'm working full time until baby pops out, unless the doctor tells me I should be on bed rest (no sign of that happening, thank goodness!)

    I only get 6 weeks partially paid leave for a normal vaginal delivery, 8 weeks for a c-section and I can take up to 8 vacation days after that.  I don't want to miss a second with DD when she arrives so even though I'm miserablely uncomfortable, here I stay.

    All that being said, I might try to go 1/2 days next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (I'm due on Thursday) but if I feel ok enough to come in, I might just save the vacation time.


  • with my DS , he was due January 2 but was born on January 8th.

    my last day of work was 12/31. honestly, if my commute was better i would have worked that last week because I was soooooooo bored at home and everything was done.

    However this time around, I am takign several days off prior to my due date because 1) i am not prepared and 2) i want some bonding time with my DS.

    My due date is april 28th and I plan on having my last day be the april 23rd.

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  • My EDD is April 10, and my last day of work is this Friday. My district has spring break next week, and the doctor is putting me on STD March 26. I figure that I pay into a private STD insurance plan, so I might as well take the time off since it has no impact on my time off after giving birth. While I won't be returning to work until August, I'm only missing 8.5 working weeks.
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  • I'm working until 38 1/2 weeks. My due date is Wednesday May 2 and my last day of work is Friday April 20.

    I'm just 33 weeks this week and I feel really run down all the time now - not sleeping well is not condusive to working full time - but I don't want to leave my work high and dry any longer than necessary.

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  • I worked a full 8 hour shift the day I went into labor, which was 5 days past my due date.  I wanted as many days as possible with LO once he arrived!
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  • I'm working until I go into labor.  My office is 10 minutes from my hospital; my home is about 45 minutes from my hospital (on a good traffic day).  I think I'd also go crazy with boredom at home before the baby comes.

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    I'm planning to work as long as they let me.  As pp have said, I want to maximize the 6 weeks paid leave I get to be with baby.  I also know that I would be a total wreck sitting at home with nothing to do if I left early.  As it is already I sometimes become super "is this the onset of labor" hypochondriac on the weekends. lol.

    I do already work from home on Fridays and may ask to have a couple of additional days of work at home if I go past my due date of the 30th, but my doctor hinted at last appointment that she won't let me go much past anyways due to my blood thinner regime.

  • I'm working until May 25, though, the last week will be vacation so techinically my last day is the 19th.  I'm due May 29th.  Since I'm in Canada and get a year off, I was comfortable not working right up until I deliver.  If I end up sitting at home for 2 weeks waiting for baby, I'll still have lots and lots of time with him.

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  • 39 weeks today, still hanging in here! I'll work until I go into labor. My speed and production has slowed down, but I feel like I'm still getting things done and I feel like people respect that. Unless doc tells me differently this afternoon, I plan on being here 'til the end!
  • Im a little over 38 weeks now, I plan on working as long as I can.  I figured when I got this far along and started getting overly tired, I could take some half days or something.  Silly me for thinking that, my boss took it as an invitation to go on vacation!  She comes back 4 days before my due date!  So there is no taking off work for me!  I would suggest, when you start getting really tired, to take some time off, even if its a half day from work.  It will make a WORLD of difference!
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  • I originally was going to have last friday be my last day (give me a week before my EDD) but bc of my week waiting period prior to my STD starting, and only having a week of PTO I decided this friday will be my last unless she decides to come a few days early!
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  • I teach and had planned on teaching until spring break, which was one week before my edd.  However, LO decided she was ready to arrive, so I worked one week less than I had anticipated.
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