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stage 2 car seat....HELP!!

We're getting ready to transition into a new car seat. He's been in the same seat since he's been born, his feet are close to dangling over the end so I think it just might be time to move onto the next size....I am clueless to what kind of features to look for?!!! anyone have any good tips or brands I should look for? Thanks for your help!



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Re: stage 2 car seat....HELP!!

  • hocushocus
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    I'd set a budget and then find the seat with the highest rear facing limit within that budget that still fits in your car.

    Things that might be nice to have is straps that don't rethread, "wings" or a head rest, cup holder.

    We have a radian (which is a complete b!tch to install but has a very high rear facing limit and is very slim so you can get 2 people in the back seat) and my inlaws have a Evenflo Triuph which I really like.

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  • It is hard! I researched like crazy and all I learned is that a carseat is pretty much a carseat. They all meet the same safety standards so it's not like one is more safe than another.

    I picked a budget I was comfortable with (I had to buy 2 afterall!) picked a weight limit I'd be happy with, could be rearfacing until age 2/weight wise and fairly importantly would fit in both the back of my car and Hs truck and still have space for other people.

    Fairly easy to install was also a must for us because it ends up in grandma's car sometimes too.

    I got 2 maxi cosi peories. I love them well enough. They met the criteria and the fun red color is a plus. The weight limit is only 40 pounds but my 8 month old only tops out at 16 pounds now, so that's not something that worried me. Considering the genetics that are on her side she'll be 40 pounds and still within the height limit in kindy. ;)

  • We ended up getting the Graco MyRide 65 for our cars and a handme down Evenflow something for my mom's. I really like them both. Easy to install and use, although the Evenflow adjustable harness is really nice (no rethreading)
  • lautilauti member

    His feet dangling over the edge doesn't mean he has outgrown it.  It's when his head is one inch from the top of the seat.

    That said, we have Britax seats (a Marathon 70 and a Roundabout) and have been pleased so far. 

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