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Expeditor Guide for CHACHA


I guess this is the consulation prize for failing the test.

Info please?  Thanks!

Re: Expeditor Guide for CHACHA

  • I got an email for this too, and, thought, WTH, I'll give it a try.  I actually passed this time, and I'm pretty proud of myself.  They pay isn't as much as the guide. .02-.03/query.
  • When they first came out with this role, I switched from being an SMS guide.  They pay .02-.03 a question, but it only takes about 10-35 seconds to complete.  Its really simple, just select a category that it fits into.  I switched back to being an SMS guide because I just didn't like it as much as being an SMS guide.  But if you didn't make SMS guide, I would still take this role.
  • I was offered the expeditor role as well. I said WTH and did it. A few days later I was invited to be a guide because they were having technical difficulties and that is why I failed their stupid test. I actually liked being an expeditor better even though the pay is so much cheaper. It's just easier and I think fits my schedule just a bit better. i dont know if there's really a good explanation of how it fits my schedule better, but I just seem to like that role better. I'd give it a shot if I were you.
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  • I just got this email tried the test. I even searched for some of the answers on the internet and I still failed. Cha Cha is getting annoying
  • At first I thought 2 to 3 cents just plain sucked but it goes pretty fast expediting the questions and they do keep coming it seems no matter what time of the day so if it is just a little extra cash works for me.

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