Twin moms- nursery question

Originally we were going to make one big nursery but after all the reading I'm Doing on sleeping it seems 2 rooms would be best? And at 1 I would need to separate them anyway? So to save us the hassle next summer, should we just create 2 nurseries now? We have the rooms. Opinions?

Re: Twin moms- nursery question

  • I am keeping my twins in 1 room for convience sake. It easier to check on them in one place versus running room to room. Plus, I like the fact that they will be close to one another. I probaby wont seperate my twins into seperate rooms until I have too...hopefully age 5 or so.
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  • We have the rooms too, but opted to put them together to start and they do just fine. At first, they will be pretty oblivious to each other. We are prepared to separate them when it becomes an issue, but until then it gives us an extra guest room (across the hall from them, and where we are sleeping now, since our MBR is upstairs) since MIL is staying with us too.
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  • We plan to keep both in the same room for as long as possible. The upstairs bedroom that's across the hall from us is much bigger and more convenient than putting one upstairs and one downstairs.

    Also, I'd like to be able to keep the downstairs room as a playroom, so our living room doesn't get totally taken over (possibly wishful thinking!)

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  • I am keeping more girls together right now. One is still not home so Brooke is getting lots of sleep without her little sister. Hopefully we will not have to separate hem but if we have to we will. I suggest keeping them together in the beginning and then seeing is you actually need to separate them. Why would you separate them at age one? 
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    Personally I would not have 2 separate nurseries.

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  • i can't imagine dealing with 2 infants in 2 rooms - total PITA.

    My boys have always shared a room and do just fine with it - it's never been an issue.

    They slept in our room for the first 6 months (arms reach bedside cosleeper minis) and then since then have shared their own room - both are great nappers and sleepers.  We use white noise in their room which helps a lot so if one cries it's not going from silent to noisey.... the only time they wake each other up is if it's close to waking up time... otherwise when one cries in the middle of the night- the other never wakes up - they are so used to it.

    and why would anyone HAVE to switch at 1yo?

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  • Personally, I think separating them is the exception, not the rule.  Some people have talked about having to separate their babies because they wake/keep each other up, but many people keep their babies together without issue. I would start them together and hope for the best. Needing to separate them is not inevitable. I am hoping to keep my girls together for awhile. I even got cribs that convert to twin beds so we can hopefully keep them together until they are at least 5 or 6.
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  • The first thing our OB told us was to put them in the same room and in the same crib to begin with.  We will see if she is right, that is the plan.
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  • I thought about separating them right off the bat too, since we have a room we don't use.  I'm glad we didn't though.  It would be such a pain to check on each of them, get them both for feedings, etc.  Much easier to keep together. And they're not quite 3 weeks old yet but they have no clue the other is there, and don't wake each other.  (Then again DH vacuumed under their cribs last week while they were sleeping, and that didn't wake them either, lol). 


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  • We also have the extra rooms, but mine have always been in the same room. They actually seem to sleep better at night knowing the other one is in there too. Now, naptime is a different story. They are light sleepers in the daytime, so one will wake the other, but we've gotten used to it, and they don't do it too much now.

    They have always slept in separate bassinets and cribs though, starting in the NICU.

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  • Checking in 2 rooms isn't an issue as the rooms are right next to each other. I'm thinking separation at one due to what I'm readin on here and in books about different napping schedules. What about babies with colic? Praying neither has it, but it runs in the family. I get what you are all saying about it's easier as a one stop shop, so to speak. I've never been a mom before so I'm asking you all, if they don't wake up each other that's great!
  • our kids share a room and it's a non-issue. We could have separated them also, but decided not to for convenience sake. 
  • Did I miss something? why do you have to separate them at 1 yr? 
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  • Ours will be sharing a room and a crib in the beginning. There are no plans to separate them until 5 or 6. As for schedules we will schedule them the same.

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  • We only just separated the girls because they were feeding off each other and making our nights pure hell these past 2 months. The first year they were fine together for the most part. We never had nearly as much trouble with one waking the other up until recent months. I don't intend to keep them separated forever if at all possible. But you do what you gotta do. You'll figure out what works for you.

    My hope is that this is temporary until we can get them back into a routine and then we'll try putting them both back in the same room again. But you can only go so many nights without a good night's sleep. You can't sleep in 2 hour or less shifts forever. DH and I honestly have not had a decent night's sleep for the last 2 months until we finally split them up. We separated them for our own sake and theirs. If I have to do it for a few months or longer, well then so be it.

    We suffered through the newborn-3 months stage once. I am not interested in doing it again. Last night they slept for 10 hours and I was skipping on the way in to work. They were in a fabulous mood for the nanny. It was a good day. Big Smile

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  • We only have one room that will work for the babies so we have to put them together but for what it's worth, the family I used to nanny for that had twins put them together to start with until they realized that one baby was not getting any sleep because of the other one.  Baby S had horrible reflux and was a hot mess every night.  Poor E was awake every time S woke up screaming so we ended up seperating them at about 6 weeks until they were over 2.  They are 4 1/2 now and back in the same room but Poor E wouldn't have ever slept if we kept them together. 
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  • Ours have shared a room from day 1. We go through phases of waking the other but usually they sleep through the other's racket. We had the room to separate but did not. Even though all of our bedrooms are next to each other, it's easier to tend to babies in the middle of the night when they are in the same room, to have one changing table, etc.  

  • DDs have always shared a room and have done just fine.  I have no plans to separate them.  I will say that we've had issues with nap time and it works best to have them in different rooms then, but I just put a pack and play in our office and all is good. 
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  • I haven't had my twins yet so I may be totally off base but I'll explain why we're planning on have 2 separate nurseries. 

    We plan to have the twins in our room for the first couple of months in twins bassinets. But after that we have two completely nurseries set up for them.  I think getting them up and ready in the morning will be easier if the other one isn't aware that I'm even awake yet.  Otherwise I picture going into the nursery in the morning getting one of them up and changing them while the other one is screaming there heads off cuz they want mommy too.  This way I go into one nursery get one up and ready then go into the other nursery to take care of the other.  Our house is set up nicely for this though.  All the bedrooms are upstairs and the twins rooms are right across from each other.  Ultimately we'll do whatever is more convenient.  But at the moment this is our plan.

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  • I agree with most here. Seperate rooms right off the bat seems like a total PITA. My girls have been in the same room (seperate cribs) since 6 weeks old. They wake each other up at nap time, but there has only been a few times where they wake eachother up at night. I like having them in the same room now, and I think they like it too. We probably won't seperate them for another couple years.
  • My twins have shared a room since birth (they're a little over 2 now).  When they were younger, they wouldn't wake up from hearing the other one cry.  Now that they're older, sometimes they'll wake up and sometimes they won't if they hear the other one up.  Depends on how tired they are! 

    It's actually pretty sweet to have them share a room.  Sometimes we wake up to them giggling and playing with each other (each in their own crib but they are side to side so they can touch each other).  I think they enjoy the company.  Especially on those mornings when we're not ready to take them out yet.  We go in, tell them we'll be back in a few minutes, and then they just usually entertain each other until we come back. 

    There are pros and cons to both sides.  We have spare bedrooms so we can split them up, but we haven't had a reason to yet.  We're hoping to keep them together as long as possible.  If their sleep suffers or if they start asking for their own room, that's when we'll make the change. 

  • My twins have never spent a night in different rooms- they are 7 in a few months. I wouldn't separate them as infants because it would be so inconvenient. 

  • I say if you have the rooms, go for it.  We started the girls out in the same room, pretty much out of necessity.  They did great, and it was convenient.  They slept through each other crying and generally did fine.  Around 10 months - 1 year, I would have liked to have separated them.  That was when they went through a phase of waking again and at that point, they would wake eachother.  We couldn't do the cry it out method, because they would either wake the other sleeping child, or would both scream and get more and more amped up.  We found ourselves running in to scoop up a baby the moment they started to cry.  We moved when they were 15 months and automatically put them in separate rooms.  They sleep so much better!  They sleep through the night now, but once in a while there's that odd middle of the night waking, and we can check on them, but let them cry a bit without running in.  We don't have to worry that they'll wake eachother.  It's great when they're sick too.  When one is coughing and having a hard time sleeping, it doesn't mean they'll wake their sister.

    As they get older, if they want to move into the same room, then I have no problem with it, but it has definitely made things better for now. 

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  • Colic runs in families?
    Twin boys due 7/25/12
  • I've kept my guys in the same nursery. I'm not separating them until they ask to be in separate rooms or there are issues with sleep disturbances. One can scream bloody murder and the other one will sleep soundly through it.
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