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fetal bladder issues

I posted a couple of weeks ago about our baby's bladder being full and prominent on the US.  Hoped it was just bad timing, but I have had 2 US this week with a perinatologist and it is still very large and full.  Had a CVS yesterday because fetal treatment options vary depending on cause.  This could be a result of a chromosomal issues or it could be a mechanical issue-- obstruction.

Just frustrated and hating the wait of trying to figure out the issue.  CVS results will most likely be back tomorrow and we have another appt. with the perinatologist on Monday.

Baby needs to pee-- amniotic fluid will be insufficient if LO doesn't pee, therefore lungs will not develop.

Just wondering if anyone else has any experience with this and the fetal interventions?


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Re: fetal bladder issues

  • Aww poor baby, I know how it feels to not be able to pee. That's absolutely horrible! I don't know anything and have never heard of this before, but just wanted to say I pray they can do something fast and everything will be okay. Thoughts and prayers with you and baby. Also how far along are you?
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  • Hello ;-) My baby had a full bladder on two ultrasounds that were two weeks apart. My last u/s a few days ago showed an empty bladder ;-) good luck!
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