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How to start solids???? Schedule along with formula.

Our son is 19 weeks and we want to start introducing solids.  I have no idea how to begin and how much how often to do it.

Also, do you keep the formula amount the same?  Do you feed the solids at the same time as you feed the formula (same feeding session), or do it later in between bottle feedings?


Re: How to start solids???? Schedule along with formula.

  • you should discuss w/ your pedi first. but yes, usually the formula amt is the same at this age
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  • Talk to pedi first. I nurse first or bottle of bm first. Formula/bm amounts should stay the same. Try one food for bout 4 days. I started once in the afternoon every other day after a couple of weeks we did once a day then after a little more time We will try twice a day. I will still keep his bm amounts the same.
  • We have started our LO on rice cereal. Only about a teaspoon a day. Its more for practice than anything else. She still takes in the same amount of formula / breast milk. I don't feed her formula at the same time. I usually wait a bit and then offer her formula or breast milk.
  • Ditto the others.  Definitely do not introduce anything new in the evening.  I say skip the rice cereal, it tends to make LO constipated.  We ditched the cereal with DD after the 3rd day due to constipation and waited another month before introducing oatmeal.  I also used to guide me on what food items to introduce at what age.
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    We skipped cereals and went straight to fruits/vegetables once a day.  (One at a time for about a week each.)  I would wait until about 1/2 hour before my son was due to have a bottle and offer him the food.  Once he figured out how to use the spoon, he started eating 1/2 a jar or so at a sitting.  I'd give him his bottle right after, but cut out 1 or 2 oz depending on how much food he ate.  I ran it by the pediatrician and he said that was just fine.

    We did basically the same thing, only we started with rice cereal and then switched to oatmeal w/bananas in it.  We feed him once a day after daycare, but before his last bottle of the night.  We are attempting to have DC feed him today for the first time.  Hopefully, it goes well with them too. 

    He LOVES to eat.  He gets upset if we stop, but I don't think his little tummy is ready for more than what we give him already.  Right now he's having about 2-2.5 tablesspoons of oatmeal w/approx. an oz. of formula or BM. 

    He seems to have 2 less ounces than usual in his last bottle of the night now.

    Definitely check with Pedi before you start solids. 

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  • At 6 months we started with cereal first - just a few teaspoons once a day for her to get used to texture/spoon etc. and to make sure her tounge push reflex was gone. Then we started simple purees, one at a time for four days and then add another, we did carrots, pear, apple and sweet potato to start. Next batch will include green veggies in simple purees and anything shes already eaten in thicker/chunky purees, we will also start simple finger foods for BLW type exploration next week, sweet potatos, carrots, bannana and avacado - She has also had teething biscuits and is drinking 1 oz water everyday.
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  • We started two weeks ago, at about 4 1/2 months.  Pedi said to start with rice, then we could start with the other veggies/fruits/oatmeal every four days - but he was pretty insistent that we use water, not formula, to create the food.  She's been willing to take a few bites, but would quit after a couple teaspoons.  We'd tried rice cereal, peas and bananas.  Last night we had a total break-through - she ate 2 tablespoons of rice cereal and was really pursuing the spoon for the first time.

    At feeding time, I put her in the high chair, give her part of a bottle (about half), then take it and start giving her the food.  She finishes the bottle when she's done (still in the high chair).   

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