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Need info on FORT HOOD

we're moving!! yay(:


any info is appreciated!

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Re: Need info on FORT HOOD

  • Fort Hood is ok. It is a very large post compared to other post. Housing on post is either a hit or miss. There are really old homes and brand new homes. You are more likely to get a new home if you have more than two children or if your husband is an officer. We live off post in Killeen closer to Harker Heights. There are two commissaries and a PX. The commissary is definitely cheaper than the grocery stores outside of post and Walmart is cheaper and more convenient for us than the PX. There is a decent size mall and tons of restaurants in Killeen. Let me know if you have any other questions. 
  • awesome! thanks so much, we are coming from Fort irwin,the desert so i'm sure we will love it. plus Im from Texas so I'm excited to go home. Is Killeen the next town over? if we do live off post how far of a drive is it to get to post and is there any place you would recommend? Also,do you know when we can call and set up stuff with housing? I know here we have a 6 month wait list so I was just wondering how far ahead we could call and talk to them? we are due to arrive in June this year
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  • Fort Hood is pretty much in Killeen but it is like it's own little area next to Fort Hood. We live in a safer neighborhood in Killeen that is 10 minutes away from the gate my husband works at. It depends what unit your husband will be in that will determine what area you should live off post. His unit is on the east side of Fort Hood so living in Killeen and Harker Heights was best for us. The number for housing is (254) 287-4212. They say the wait list is 6 months but I've heard of people who got a spot a few weeks after arriving here so it just depends. 
  • I'm here too! :)  Ft. Hood is the largest military installation in the free world.  60,000 soldiers and their family members call Ft. Hood home.  Compared to Ft. Irwin, the area is a booming metropolis!!  LOL

    I like the pediatric clinic here.  If you choose to TTC again, Darnall is the hospital.  I give the Women's Clinic on post a B or B+.

     We live off post because DH wanted to buy a house.  We live in Copperas Cove.  On post housing isn't too bad, most of the old housing is being VERY SLOWLY phased out.  Like PP said, it can take a long time to get into housing, so call and get yourselves on the list ASAP!!

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  • We live "on post". Our village is outside the gate. It's not new or anything special but it is a good size and we like it. The post is huge. I don't feel like there is much to do around here but I'm new so I probably just need more time to get involved. Hope you enjoy it when you get here!

  • we've been at fort hood for a year now. we live on post and just moved from one house to another because they only allow one child per room unless they are very close in age and the same sex. killeen is a pretty small town but it is surrounded by other towns that are only 10 mins away. you can only go to on-post doctors if you have tricare prime..if you have standard youd probably go to a scott & white doctor. if there is anything specific you'd like to know i'd be happy to help. welcome to fort hood!!


  • We have been here for awhile and love the area....the area not around Ft. Hood that is. Killeen has a lot of crime and is a really busy, always changing city. If you prefer smaller towns there's east and west! We live to the East in Belton, small military friendly town of 15,000 or so. The drive is 25 minutes to post so not bad but don't have to deal with the larger city issues. The schools in Killeen can be rough, so choose wisely if you have older kids.That makes it sound really bad but Ft. Hood has been very good to us and we enjoy living in central Texas. We have purchased a home here and will stay. For my maternity care, I ended up dropping Tricare Prime and went to Standard but purchased a supplement through NEBCO and don't have to make copayments and I get to see a civilian clinic. The OB clinic is barely a B for a grade. They are making improvements but I didn't want to do it.
  • Hello and congratulations!  We moved here in July and just found out I am pregnant. Trying to decide where to give birth. My Dr said:

     1. Family Practice: you get to see one resident, overseen by a Dr., for the duration of pregnancy.  She said the residents are really good

    2. New Women's Clinic: You will see a different nurse for the duration of your pregnancy.

     Anyone have any thoughts or feedback?  Has anyone given birth at the new Women's Clinic?

     Thank you! 


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  • Forgot to mention that we moved to Harker Heights, on the border of Nolanville, and really like it. It's a small town, nice people, and has everything we need (I'm from San Diego).  We like it here and it's feeling more like home every day.
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