3rd Trimester

Health Insurance Cost Survey

How much will your total health insurance (medical, dental & vision) be per month for :You, Your Spouse, and Baby to come (or family if you already have kids)

a) less than $250/month out of pocket (or paycheck) for all of you

b) $250 - 400/mo out of pocket (or paycheck) for all of you

c) more than $400/mo out of pocket (or paycheck) for all of you


My employer does not provide health insurance so I am under my husband's Aetna work plan. For me and the baby it is going to cost $515/mo for total health insurance.

letter C for me.


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Re: Health Insurance Cost Survey

  • Definitely C. :( A lot of money, gets taken out of my paycheck for those.
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  • Sadly right now I'm on cobra just to cover this pregnancy, my DS is actually uninsured ATM but we will all be put on a family plan once DS #2 is born.

    I am paying about 500 bucks a month just for myself right now... highway F'ning robbery. Health insurance in this country is a freaken joke.


    Also wanna note I could not go onto hubbies insurance as pregnancy is a pre-existing conditon still if you are not working.

    Thankfully we found out I was pregnancy RIGHT after I lost my job so I was able to get cobra to cover it.

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  • A) for me. I think it is $180 for the family medical and $50 for family dental. I don't do a vision plan.
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  • A: DH works for the city and he has amazing benifits. Before we were married I had insuracne through my job. I was paying the same amount that he pays for both us us now.

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  • C.  $600 for us here. DH and I both work for the public school system in our city.  It is ridiculous and it is the major factor that keeps me working: we just can't provide health insurance if we both don't work. 
  • C- about $480 but it stays the same no matter how many kids we add

    Our ins is awesome- no out of pocket for last L&D and all of DS's well visits are free (no co-pay)!

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  • just shy of $400/mo but the coverage is pretty good.  we have the option to go w/ a higher deductible plan & lower premium as well, but since we are currently having babies, we've decided to pick the lower deductible for now.  we will switch over after we are done having babies.
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  • B actually.. 350 a month Full prenatal care covered which i nice, then we're responsible for 20% of things after the Deductible with a 10k a year out of pocket cap... or something like that. lord knows with the GD and all the NST's & BPP's i'm getting my money's worth. 
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  • a) I consider myself very lucky for this. The benefits in my job help me outweigh the not great raises!

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  • B. The family plan at my company costs just over $300/mo. It's a huge increase from the single, which is less than $50, but it'll cover DH and LO (and any future LOs). Plus, in another year or so, it'll go down (to just over $100).
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  • B- Baby will be on my policy $215/mo, DH will stay on his own policy through his employer $80/mo.

    It would have been $400ish/mo for the 3 of us to be on the same policy. 


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  • D - None of the above for me.  I'm Canadian, so I don't pay anything

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  • B - Just over $300. Once I added DH, I was already on the family plan. It won't cost more to add LO. It's actually good insurance, too. No deductible and I pay nothing for OB care/delivery. I work for the government and this is definitely a perk.

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  • A.  I opted to go with the slightly higher deductible this year which will end up saving us a ton.  We'd basically have to have major surgery (outside of L&D or a c/s) for us to not come out ahead.  We will pay $93 per pay check so $186 per month.

    Prior to this year we were paying upwards of $160 per pay check for a slightly lower deductible.  We are PPO though, we don't have copays. 

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  • C) and I think the real question is how much out of pocket will it costs to have the baby.  Last time I paid around $2,500 for a regular delivery.  The bills just kept coming and coming and coming.  Ugh!
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  • we pay around ?$550 a month, and would gladly pay that than $25k which is the average cost for a vaginal birth in my area.
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  • DH and I work in the same place, so our employee contribution toward health insurance is zeroed out between us.  We don't have to pay premiums at all, but will spend about $160/month on hospital/doctor's bills and prescriptions.


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  • I have an Anthem PPO - "Family Plan"

    Monthly  Premium - $2,107.35

    Employee Monthly Cost - $556.34


    Delta Dental - "Family Plan"

    Monthly  Premium - $183.91

    Employee Monthly Cost - $40.46


    Vision - "Family Plan"

    Monthly  Premium - $18.74

    Employee Monthly Cost - $11.34



    My FIL runs a corporation where all family members are covered  but we opted for my company's plan instead because it was better than what he could offer us, so he in turn pays us back for our insurance costs.  In the end it's all free.


  • I think a, though we don't get any vision.  On the plus side, it's $0 copay.
  • A for me. DH works for the Fire department, their benefits and cost are amazing, don't know what we'd do without it. If we were under my work insurance, we'd be paying double and I work for a state university, go figure.
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  • We just switched to a Health Savings Account for next year, so we can put in as much as we want.
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  • I'm A. I work for a non-profit, and there is no payroll deduction for single coverage for our HMO. I will be adding my husband during open enrollment, and my baby will be born around the same time, and the total biweekly deduction will be $15 for the whole family. Copays for many appointments are fairly high at $40 (well child will be $30), but we can use the FSA for that. And it maxes out at 10 times the copay (or $400) for the pregnancy.

    Dental and vision is included in the $15 biweekly deduction. There is no copay for either as long as they are routine check-ups. 

    I feel very lucky to have this coverage!!

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  • b. I pay 363 for what will be the 4 of us.
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  • Our is just over 400 a month, so C I guess but it isn't over by all that much. When we had the HSA I put in 125 per pay and paid about 30 a pay for the "PPO" portion of the plan, obvs that was cheaper but the insane amount of bills we received plus the high insane deductible was ridiculous.  When my husband got his new job this was much better. Maternity is 100% covered, no co-pay even (and if I went out of network I'd still be 100% covered), radiology etc etc all 100% covered without meeting the deductible, without co-pays. It's really awesome insurance. So far my DD has had two radiology procedures and has been seen by a specialist (she does every year) and we haven't had to pay a dime.  On my HSA we were basically paying bills left and right and it took about 1200 out of HSA for her stuff.  Before we switched I had to pay for all my doc visits for maternity any and all u/s even if they were "necessary" and on top of which since I am due at the beginning of march I'd have to make our 2500 deductible at the beginning of the year since it would reset Jan 1.

    So happy to be paying $400+ for the awesome insurance we have now, I wouldn't switch back to an HSA ever again.

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  • I am on my husband's plan and we pay $300 a month, for BCBS PPO. We have no deductible, no copay, prescription reimbursement and full dental benefits. It will cost an additional $40 per month to add our baby onto the plan. My entire delivery will cost us $0, besides the monthly premiums costs. He has awesome benefits and that is the only reason he stays at his current job, as his pay is less than average.
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  • Unfortunately it's C as well :(


    I'm afraid because I doubt my employer will pay for my DH or lo :( 

  • Hubby and i are both active duty military, so thankfully all is covered...
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  • b for us... but it's really not too much more than the $250/month... and we have GREAT coverage with fairly low deductibles and no copay... my husband works a lot, but the benefits are so wonderful that it's almost worth it...
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  • My husband works for Burlington Northern RR and as of right now we pay $200/month for health, vision and dental for the 3 of us. Adding the baby will not cost us anymore. I consider us very lucky!!
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  • We purchase our own health insurance.. it costs around $300/mo. BUT it does not cover maternity :( So We pay out of pocket for every single thing when it comes to this pregnancy.. and had to do the same with DS#1. 
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