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Anyone else feeling a little scrooge-y?

I usually LOVE Christmas and everything that comes with it.

 But this year, I'm just "meh" about it. I'm not even sure why.

I wish I wasn't, but I'm not sure what to do about it.  

FWIW, I am very thankful for all I have....  but I'm thankful every day. Christmas doesn't have anything to do with that feeling.

And I am a Christian, so celebrating Christ's birth is what Christmas should be about for me... but my cynical side is thinking "Eh, he wasn't even really born at this time of year, and it's all about commercialism now anyway." 

DD is 17 months so she likes the pretty lights but doesn't care too much about the rest.

Bah Humbug.

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Re: Anyone else feeling a little scrooge-y?

  • Being low on cash this year has made me feel a little scroogey. I know once I have all the gifts purchased by next week, it will get better. Next week I start my baking/wrapping/watch classic christmas shows tradition, so it will def. improve once it feels more like the season.
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  • Christmas has been getting less enjoyable every year for me. MIL consistently buys us things we don't want (she sometimes even buys us things we've specifically told her we don't want) and it's getting to the point where it just feels like a huge waste of money and, because we don't have much, this really gets on my nerves.  I feel like she's being selfish because it's clear she's buying us what SHE likes and not what we like.  I'd rather not get anything that have a bunch of stuff sitting in my basement from every single Xmas that I don't want. 

    We have to go over my grandmother's house every year for Xmas Eve--she's horribly depressed about her best friend (they were essentially married) dying several years ago and always sits around and talks about it; plus her house smells so badly of cat (she has 11 of them) that you almost gag.  To top it off, my dad died two days before Xmas last year.  I'm not emotional about it because we were estranged, but my grandmother is an even more depressing lump now.

    Sorry to drag everyone down, but it was nice to vent about this stuff. 

  • Yes, because at this point I am so anxious.... all I want at this point is LO to come!!!
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  • Yes. It just doesn't feel like Christmas. Maybe it's the hormone-induced emotional changes, but I'm just not feeling it this year either. I am actually even dreading doing the volunteer work I "force" my family to do every Christmas because it involves a bit of heavy lifting. Oh well, Happy Holidays!
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  • I'm pretty much faking it til I make it this year...it's not typical for me to feel this way.  I try to focus on how much fun the first Christmas with our LO will be next year!
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  • Ditto ALL what PPs said.
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  • We haven't picked out a name for our little guy yet and we briefly considered "Ebenezer" (I reminded DH he had already placed a Veto on "Junior" related names)

    DH is the anti-gift type of Christmas guy...  I'd be lying if I didn't say he's getting the belts & socks that he wants from us this year...  OTOH, I'm not exactly thrilled with his idea that my getting body wash around Christmas (it's when I typically run out and have to reorder more) constitutes a "husband gift"...  I don't exactly expect him to be romantic useless-gift type or anything like that, but ...  yea..  It's the "Merry Christmas, at least you won't stink!"

    The closer I get to Christmas the more Scrooge-like I'm becoming...  Yes, I also have the MIL box down in the basement as do my SIL & BIL...  She gets all sorts of mail-order cra* that goes with NONE of our homes or styles and everyone gets the same thing so it's become the running joke of who opens which box each year...  Oh heck, for two years she bought DD some porcelain doll that seriously gives me the creeps to the point that I've got them in the box and considered sending them to a guy who collects creepy dolls (long story - he's into the whole paranormal field and is one of those things he never intended to start a collection of but it just sort of kept snowballing)... 

    I think I stopped really getting into the Christmas spirit when others in the family dictated "no shopping for the adults" and then started to decide what we could purchase for their kids (I'm all for Christmas lists and ideas/guidelines, but that's A LOT different than saying "you will get kid A the Johnny Jump-up T-250 and child B Janey Jiffy Doll" which is what it has become and HEAVEN FORBID you get the Godchild a nicer gift than their sibling!!!)...  There's no element of anything other than the show up, have dinner, get annoyed, open MIL's boxes (she admits the reason she does it is because she doesn't like the "no gifts for adults" thing), watch the underslept kids get cranky, then go home... 

    Bah Humbug!!!

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  • I feel this way too. We didn't even put up all of our decorations. Just the tree. The only enjoyable part of it for me is when we bought our DD her own little pink christmas tree with princess ornaments. Just seeing how excited she was about it made it a good moment. But even that faded. I guess with DH not getting holiday pay (you have to be tehre a full year before you get the holiday pay), it's made it gloomy for me this year.  We bought for DD early this year. Thank god. bc if we hadn't she wouldn't have all that we bought for her. I got DH 3 shirts. But that was it.

    He made the mistake of (innocently, not throwing it up to me) bringing up that this time last year, we both were working and we had everything bought. We could afford to then. Then he just says, 'well that's okay, that's how things work sometimes'.  I miss the extra money from both of us working, but it still doesn't compare with all of the things I'm not missing anymore.  

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