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crazy crotch pain anyone?! lol

Is anyone else having extremely sharp pain in the low pelvic/vaginal region? Just tonight I can feel her moving really low and then it will be the worst stabbing pain down there for a second or two. Is this happening to anyone else?
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Re: crazy crotch pain anyone?! lol

  • I've started to get that recently also. My MW said today that it's his head pushing on my pelvis and to take it as a good sign.
  • Yep! I've been experiencing the same thing... It's pretty painful. But like the previous poster said, my midwife also said it was a good sign :)
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    Yep! I've been experiencing the same thing... It's pretty painful. But like the previous poster said, my midwife also said it was a good sign :)


    This is true for me too! 

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  • Yup I have it too and did with my daughter as well .. it happens when they drop and their head starts hitting a nerve down there. Unfortunately in my experience it has little to do with dilating .. I was just checked today and am not even 1cm yet and it was the same story with my daughter .. not even 1cm dilated at 41w.
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  • I call it lightening crotch. if i get up & move for a minute or 2 it goes away.. im assuming its her position ( but i was hoping it meant i was dilated ) since i want to meet LO soon.. but when i asked this morning everyone said you cannot feel dilation :(
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  • LIghtening crotch is the perfect name for it!!! Been happening to me for about a week. At my last appointment I was only fingertip dilated so I am hoping this means something is starting to happen down there :)
  • This has been happening for the past few weeks. Dr appt this week showed I wasnt dilated yet. I hope something starts to happen soon. 
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  • I've had this too!  I'm glad the MW's say that it's a good thing...I figured it was normal so I never thought to ask my Dr. about it.  It's been getting more consistent lately so maybe he's trying to bust loose!

  • I've had pain similar to this for a month or so now. My DR gave me some pelvic exercises to do and they help quite a bit! I can really feel the difference when I don't do them. I can barely walk on the days that I have forgotten to do them.
  • I asked my doctor about this yesterday. He said " Does it feel like a knife jabbing your vagina?, ... atleast that's what ladies have told me" .. I was thinking.. yes ,... yes it does. .haha. But he said this is normal and is the baby's head hitting your cervix.
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