3rd Trimester

4cm dilated at 37 weeks

Last week I posted about elective inductions and got lots of opinions, well looks like I probably will not have a choice in the matter!

Went to the doctor today and I'm 4 cm dilated, completely effaced and pretty much ready to go. Doc said she could feel my bag of waters as well. I'd been having random spurts of contractions in the past week, nothing lasted more than a half an hour to an hour though and it has only happened on 3 different occasions. I did to a ton of walking/going up and down stairs yesterday while we cleaned for 8 hours and then bled quite a bit after my SO and I had sex last night (we called the hospital and said it was just from the sexy time). They hooked me up to a contraction monitor  for almost a half an hour and had zero contrax. Baby is moving around like crazy and her heartbeat is totally healthy.


I'm super anxious now that I know that this could happen super soon. I've heard of people being stuck at 2 or 3 cm for a lengthy amount of time, but has anyone been 4 and fully effaced for more than say, a week? I'm hoping to make it through Thanksgiving, but I guess she can come when she's ready!

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Re: 4cm dilated at 37 weeks

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