3rd Trimester

10 weeks to go!!

Uncomfortable, and really anxious for these weeks to go by fast... but I know dwelling on it will make it go by slow... SO What are things your guys did or are doing to make things go my fast??
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Re: 10 weeks to go!!

  • Ive got a couple days more than 8 weeks left to go and im still trying to figure it out. I guess instead of thinking of it as one 10 week haul, think of it as ten one week sprints. :) smaller goals are easier to get to.

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  • Time flew up until 37 weeks.  Now, it seems to have come to a complete stop!
  • First, we're due on the same day!

    Second, I totally understand. ALLLL day today I kept thinking only 10 weeks left! I thought it so often today that it felt like days had passed, yet, still 10 weeks left.

    I know stress isn't great for a pregnant lady, but I've started mentally making a list of what I have left to do. Like, put away all her clothes, do all the laundry, hang everything up in the nursery, move all furniture up/downstairs, etc., etc. I have a very long list, so I feel like maybe worrying about that and actually getting things done little by little will help time pass faster. 


    Also, SLEEP. What helps the next day come faster better than going to bed early!?

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  • I know the feeling of anxiety,I keep worrying over,not being totally prepared and calculating cost(adding and subtracting,since I don't want to buy anything unnecessary).I am wondering when I should start buying his stuff and when should I start packing my back( I am28 weeks).It feels like December will take forever to get here.

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