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Contractions.. is this real or not? (long)

I am 5 days passed my due date and have yet to feel any sort of contractions or braxton hicks. But all of sudden on Thursday night I began to feel pressure. It continually got worse and it felt like menstrual cramps and my entire stomach would tigten. Friday morning I woke up not sleeping very well, and found that I lost my mucus plug.

I had a regular doc apt on friday, and they were contractions but not close enough. All friday and now Saturday I have been having contractions they are like 20-25 pp apart. I had some more muscus plug loss, but basically I am just in pain. I am fine in between the contractions, but when they hit I need to stand up and almost brace myself because they take my breath away.

Does this sound familiar to any of you? Do you think this will progressively get worse and lead me to real labor?? I just dont want to get my hopes up!

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Re: Contractions.. is this real or not? (long)

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