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Mucus Plug? TMI

Oay so I know this may be TMI but I was very curious. I went to the bathroom and when I wiped it felt really slimy so I looked and it was what looked lie I guess my mucus plug. It wasn't brown or red just alittle yellow. I don;t know if I should call my dr. or not because I go to the clinic and I can;t just talk to the dr. I have to go in. Or if I should call my hospital or just wait it out. Anyone gone through this too.
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Re: Mucus Plug? TMI

  • I don't think it's your mucus plug because I get that all the time...usually if it is your mucus plug there would be some brown or red with it....



  • Probably not your MP.  When I lost mine last time, it was huge (fell into the toilet) and had brownish/red streaks.  Normal to get lots more slimy discharge around this time though.  Fun times!  :)
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  • I had called just last week about the same thing. the doc said that your mucus plug can look like, (sorry if its gross) but snot. She said you can lose some and then it can grow back and you just keep going in a cycle. She also said that it is normal to have some red streaks in there too. Hope this helps.
  • You mucus plug can be clear, brown, greenish-yellow, and/or have a tingle of blood in it. It can come out all at once or little by little. I just got back from the dr with the same concern. Loosing your plug doesn't mean anything. You can loose it and not have the baby for a few weeks.
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