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no teeth yet???

I am starting to feel like my son is the only 7th month old out there with no teeth yet. I keep seeing my friends post on FB that their kids have 2-3 teeth and they are only 5 months old and here my son is almost 7 and a half months old and has no teeth, nor does he show any signs of getting them anytime soon. I know among my FB friends my son is the last one, and he is probably one of the oldest babies among my friends.
photo 6aecdc21-d010-4990-8b8b-da468f75ece3_zps38a4dec0.jpgphoto 8c7926e4-3191-4d9f-8e13-2ba2d4b7296f_zps45188ab0.jpg
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Re: no teeth yet???

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