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Hypnobirthing - headphones or no?

Hey ladies, I'm having trouble concentrating when I listen to my mp3s with headphones in. I find myself distracted, wondering what is going on around me, and I keep opening my eyes (even if I am laying in bed, DS asleep in his room and DH downstairs, and there is nothing going on in the room.) I tried last nite putting my iPod on the docking station, and listened that way, which was great! I fell asleep almost right away, lol!

I feel like when I am in labour at home I will use the docking station to listen to the tracks, but in hospital I will use my headphones. Now Im afraid I won't be able to concentrate at the hospital with my headphones in...

Could it be b/c I just started? Last week was my first week, I've been practicing each night, but its only been 4 or 5 times so far)

Anyone further into the program with any advice?

I will def. bring this up this week at class!

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Re: Hypnobirthing - headphones or no?

  • I practiced without headphones and played it out loud during birth. When I listened to a track for the first time, I'd play it out loud while doing the dishes or folding laundry to make sure I wouldn't fall a sleep. Then at night I'd fall asleep listening to the tracks out loud and let my subconscious soak in the material.

    It worked! I had a wonderful birth :o) Good luck!

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  • Since you are just starting out I would do whatever works for you right now.  As time goes on you might want to consider using the headphones at least some of the time.  I was happy I had brought headphones to the hospital because I had a very vocal neighbor and my headphones blocked out most of it (my DH and MIL filled me in later).  

    Awesome that you are doing hypnobirthing!  I had a great experience as well! 

  • There are no rules ... I think you should just do what's comfortable for you.

    I used a dock for my iPod and CD's at home and the hospital - the only time I used headphones was in the car on the way there and I had an amazing, blissful birth ... Good Luck ... xo

  • I do better with headphones because it blocks everything out, but you have to find what works best for you. I suggest bringing headphones just in case.

    With me, the more I practice (have been for a couple months now) the deeper I go. On the days where I simply can't concentrate I just listen to the affirmations, let my mind wander until I completely relax, and then listen to Rainbow Relaxation. That works for me. Good luck!

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