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AB Negative.....

Is anybody else's blood type AB Negative?? My doc told me I have to get a shot  in my rear because of my blood type.      ????

Re: AB Negative.....

  • Im O neg and the shot is not biggie and really quick.
  • I can't remember what it was for. I know it was something for the baby, Somthing that my body is missing or something??
  • I'm AB negative as well.  It's actually the most rare blood type.

    The rear end shot is the Rhogam shot, and it's not that bad.

    ETA: http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancycomplications/rhfactor.html

  • They give you a shot of Rhogam if you have a negative blood type in case baby has a positive blood type.  It's so your body won't see the baby's blood as a foreign substance it needs to get rid of.  It wouldn't affect this baby because your body takes time to build the antibodies, but your body could attack the next baby if he/she also has a positive blood type.  If this baby ends up having a negative blood type, you won't need another shot, but they will give you one after delivery too if it is positive.  Really it's just a precaution.  It's not a big deal - a lot of people say it hurts a lot, but it really was just a pinch.  The big deal is that a lot of insurances don't cover it or don't cover enough of it so it is ridiculously expensive.  I had to pay $129 for it, and my insurance is usually decent.  I hope you don't have to pay!
  • I am o negative.  Like other posters have said the shot is not a big deal.  After the baby is born they will test the babies blood type as well and if they are positive you get an additional shot then too.  Just FYI
  • Oh wow.. Thanks for letter me know about the whole insurance part!! I'll have to ask my doctor. I'm going on the 29th the get all of my paperwork for the shot & the glucose test....

    I'm really thankful that they have all these new things to help keep baby safe. Even though I'm scared of what's going to come up next....  

  • Yup, its the Rhogam shot.  No big deal AT ALL.  It didn't hurt really at all for me, and it wasn't sore at all afterwards.  I think getting my blood drawn hurt worse actually.  Exactly what PP said, it's just a preventative measure in case your baby has a positive blood type.  
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  • I freak at needles but I will say this was so much easier than giving blood for bloodwork.  It's super fast. The weirdest part was pulling down my pants to get a shot.  Don't think I'd ever done that before!
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    It is because you're RH - (the AB doesn't matter). This means your blood doesn't have the RH protein on it (that would be an RH+ blood type). If your baby has RH+ blood you could get a little of his/her blood in your system. If that happens you produce antibodies for RH+ protein and that can impact later pregnancies.  

    You'll get one around 28 weeks and one at birth if your baby is RH+. (if the baby is RH- then you don't get the shot).

    There are no side effects to the shot other than a little soreness at the injection point. You can goggle the history of this issue and the development of rhogram and the other drugs that have really improved the birth outcomes for RH- moms. It is really fascinating stuff. I'm hugely grateful for the shot. Most RH- mom's had a lot of problems having second kids before it was developed.

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  • My cousin just got hers (she has two babies, both were born positive I think) and she is negative. She said the shot doesn't really hurt she said the worst part is the little bit of stinging sensation as they push the medication in. But she said its less painful than getting bloodwork, and much faster. She got hers in her arm though.

    I'm O Negative so I'll be getting my first shot next week.

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  • It's not your blood type (A, B, O, or AB) it the RH factor (+ or -) you get one at 28 weeks and one after birth.  It's not bad.  It's so you don't make antibodies, not for this pregnancy but for subsequent pregnancies. The shot is Rhogam. 
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  • I got mine this morning. You will probably also need one right after you deliver.  It's no big deal, just a shot.
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  • i got my shot in the arm, not the butt. it was sore for a second but that's about it. it's really not that bad. 
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  • I also got it on my arm both times (I'm on my second pregnancy). Didn't hurt AT ALL. 28 weeks and after baby's born. No biggie.
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  • its just a shot, not the end of the world lol. although i didn't need to get it in my bum, having to do three separate 3-hour glucose tests and each time getting stuck in my hand or forearm is what hurt me!
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