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One Month

Well it was a month yesterday.  One month since I was told my baby had died.  Yesterday was a beautiful day..and thoughts popped up through the day of my little one. My DH wanted to go to the jewelry store to get the beads for my Pandora bracelet.  I am getting a charm with an N on it for Nathan and a birthstone bead.  The baby was due in January, but I cant decide to get a January or a June..for the loss.  We didn't end up going bc I could not say for sure that I could go without having a breakdown in the store.  I have been feeling a lot better and making small accomplishments, working my way back to "normal"  It has been a long hard road..with a few setbacks here and there..I did make it through this milestone..and I sure will make it through those to come.  I am trying to keep a more positive attitude and embrace those around me that are having babies.  It is just so tough... So, as I look forward to the next month without Nathan Jeremy..I will remember and treasure him always..and just WISH that I could have met him before he left.  Sorry for the rambles girls..my thoughts are NOT organized.  ((Big HUGS))  to everyone from me (Jaki)

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Re: One Month

  • Those milestones are so tough - good for you for acknowledging how far you've come already.

    You and I had our miscarriages at the same time. Today is one month since I found out the news and had my D&C. 

    I hope you find the perfect piece of jewelry to honor Nathan Jeremy. I think no matter what you decide to get, it will be just the right thing. I understand not being ready to go in the store yet. I think I would feel the same way. 

    Hugs to you at this difficult time. Thank you for sharing your positivity with us. It has been helpful to me today. 

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  • I'm glad to hear that your 1month wasn't to horrible. Mine is on Thursday and I have a job interview. I have really been worried about if I could make it through ok. Thanks for giving me hope :) As much as it sucks everything you go through helps someone! Today it just happened to be me!
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  • I'm sorry for your loss. It will get easier- until the due date. That's when I really lost it after my first miscarriage. Then it will get better again but never completely gone until you have success. Ironically, my first pregnancy's due date was April 1, 2005, which ended in miscarriage. After 2 more miscarriages, I had a live birth who's due date was March 31, 2011 (born March 21). Stay strong, and I wish I could say something that would help. 
  • It will be one month for me in 2 days. My baby was due in January as well. I'm glad you are getting something for your bracelet in memory for Nathan. It helps-I have a knecklace with a carnation on it, since it is the flower for January. I'm glad you are staying postive too! It makes things so much better. God bless. *hugs*
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  • I'm thinking of our little one tonight too.  It will be a month on Wednesday since we lost ours.  I dread the milestone and hope and pray that there will be more and more "normal" days for you.  Hang in there.


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