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Help needed for baby shower for 2nd baby

Hello Ladies,

I'm currently pregnant with my 2nd baby. We will be having another girl and am trying to plan a baby shower with my mom. My DH and I want something small. We were thinking of having it at a restaurant. Any suggestions? Preferably something that is less than $25 per person. My mom wants to book it at the country club we had our first baby shower, but they require a minimum of 40 people. DH and I think that is too much. It's our 2nd baby and another girl. We pretty much have everything we need. On top of that, I don't really have the energy to put together games, prizes, and such. Do you gals think it's ok to not have games? We also had a little incident the first time around and don't want that to happen again. (SIL promised to conduct games and such, but left right after lunch in a huff. She "believed" my mom, The Hostess, was ignoring her kids. Long story and don't want to get into details. Still makes me angry.) Anyway, any ideas would help. I already brought up the idea of having it at my parents, and my mom would prefer and doesn't mind paying $$ to have it at a location.

Re: Help needed for baby shower for 2nd baby

  • How about a meet the baby party after she's born?
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    How about a meet the baby party after she's born?

    I agree.  It's a bit awkward to host your own shower in the first place, not to mention for a second baby, and one of the same gender as the first.  Also, asking people to come and spend money on you without you wanting to put any effort into games and prizes and fun things for the guests is IMO a little rude.  Anyway, I think that a "meet the baby" party can be lots of fun with no need for games/prizes/etc.  It's less like you're asking for gifts and more like you are excited to indroduce the newest member of the family.  I'm all for it.

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  • Thanks for the suggestions. It's something I'll consider. It's not that I don't want to put any effort into games, I would like to, but there's no one I can really count on. Asking my SIL again is out of the question since she bailed out on me at the last minute for some petty reason. I think every baby should be celebrated no matter what and in whatever fashion. That's why I only want to invite family and close friends and make it small/intimate. That way I won't have people thinking of me as rude.
  • Good luck on deciding what to do and planning the shower... and congratulations on the baby! :)
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