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whyyyy yeast infections?!?!

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          This will be round 2 for me being pregnant, and it seems as if yeast infections are my best friend, but really they are just my worst enemy! They will not leave me alone! Lol, what is going on? Is it my diet, am I not drinking enough water, I just can?t figure it out! Its driving me mad, and also my husband because well?duh! You all know why! I tried of taking these meds and if I see another plastic stick that I have to insert medicine I?m going to lose my mind! If you have any advice please!! Please!! give me your input! Thanks!


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Re: whyyyy yeast infections?!?!

  • I was prescribed Fluconazole which is a one time pill. Some doctors say it is perfectly safe (as well as the research I did) while others say only to use monistat. Since that is not offering any relief I would give your OB a call and see what they say. GL!

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  • In the past I have used regular plain  yogurt( gross I know but  it will naturally balance out the yeast in your system  ) and  apply  to the area overnight  . works like a charm . Also sleeping without underwear helps infections away  and cotton underwear is your friend during the day  .  . Its also  really a diet thing thing ,so i would focus on eliminating heavy, fatty foods, to much sugar , to much wheat ( bread and cakes )  ,  ready cracked nuts , cheese  and to much processed foods  in your diet. Also a sedentary lifestyle will bring on infections so try to exercise .  Good luck ! 
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  • I literally had a yeast infection for 6 weeks, and after taking every Monistat product on the shelves, my doctor finally prescribed me Diflucan at 14 weeks. I took 2 pills over the course of 3 days because the infection had been going on for so long, but after 24 hours, all the symptoms were gone! I was thrilled, and obviously, so was my husband. Some women are just more prone to them because the hormones change the pH in your vagina, and dietary changes don't always do the trick!

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  • Im in the same boat as you! I just found out last week that I had another yeast infection. This is my second one too. Its driving me crazy. My doc just said they are very common in pregnancy and to just use the monistat over the counter stuff. Im really tired of going through the treatments as well as those sticks kinda hurt going up there. My husband doesnt mind though because Ive been on pelvic rest since I was 9 weeks anyway...lol.  I hope it clears up for you and me both!!!
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  • I am in the same boat...fighting one now.  I was on day 6 of 7 day treatment, and was feeling better, but today, not so much again!  I eat yogurt, drink Kefir and have been taking acidophilus tablets to help.  For some temporary relief, you can soak in a shallow bath of warm water and Epsom salts.  Hoping it goes away soon!  I hadn't had one in years, and this one came out of the blue (Seemingly).  My doctor told me its not in my diet, but its because of hormonal changes with pregnancy.  Everything I have read said the same thing.  Good luck ladies!  I HATE yeast infections!
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