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Flip or Econobum? (w/cp)

I was set on Flip after doing a bunch of research, but I was looking around on Cotton Babies just for fun, and Econobum looks like exactly the same thing...but cheaper. They got good reviews too, and it looks like the biggest issue w/Econobum is the prefolds could be better quality. My plan was to use Indian prefolds with Flip covers, and get some of the Kissaluvs Super Soakers for later when I need extra absorbency. So my question is- assuming I'll be using Indian pf's and later adding a Kissaluvs soaker, which cover would you choose? TIA!



Re: Flip or Econobum? (w/cp)

  • We love our flips, but haven't tried Econobum so can't compare.
  • I would recommend buying a few day packs of the Flip organic. The organic inserts are awesome, they're so absorbent and soft.

    And if you want to use prefolds, I would recommend just buying some Bummis covers instead of an econobum set.

  • If you are going to use prefolds anyway it really doesn't matter what cover you use.  I have econobum, bummis super whisper wrap and brites, and thirsties.  I am probably the only one but I think thirsties are made really crappy.  I hate them  The velcro sucks and I have had two with wonky or broken snaps.  I like the bummis covers both kinds and the velcro is very strong.  Econobum are a great fit on my kiddo and seem pretty sturdy.  I got them on a bogo or I probably wouldn't have tried them.

    I really like covers w/ gussets myself bc I feel like they give a great fit.  I snappi personally bc EBF poop is runny and you will get on cover otherwise and sometimes w a snappi.  

  • I love my flips covers, but do not like the econobum...they have bad wing droop on my baby. I'd spend a little more and get flip
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  • If you're looking to buy a system with inserts, go with Flip. If you want to do prefolds and covers, I'd buy some night PFs (like GMD), and other covers. IMO, there are better covers out there - Like Bummis, Thirsties, or Blueberry OS coveralls. 
  • I have both and use both.  I love the Flip system.  There are so many benefits to it. The covers are great, both the velcro and snaps.  The inserts are very trim also.  I have the stay dry inserts.  DD is 14 weeks old and it is the trimest fit I have found.  I don't like the prefolds that come with the Econobum's.  They have been washed 15+ times and I still think they feel rough.  The covers are ok.  They have one row of staps and I think they pull a little funny and end up leaving a light red mark on DD.  The flips have 2 rows so it snaps evenly.  Cotton babies sometimes has clearance on the Flip covers.  I bought a few a couple of weeks ago for $9 a piece.  Right now they have them on same for $14.95 with an organic inserts.  I would try the inserts too.  They are really easy and they will grow with your LO so it is just one up front investment.   
  • Here's a thread about the differences on DS. 
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