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Feeling a little like a failure today :(

C is getting formula today. I'm not worried about giving him formula, I know he'll be just fine. I also don't judge people who FF, what ever the reasons. But I set a personal goal to make it 6 months with EBF, and have been devoting all my spare time at work to hiding in the closet to pump. In the past few weeks, my supply during the day has totally fallen off. I used to pump 12-15 ounces during the work day. Now I'm lucky to pump 8. My freezer stash, which wasn't big to begin with, falls a little shorter every day. C is spending the night with his grandparents this weekend so H and I can go out for our anniversary, and I won't have enough saved to get him through the night. So, I decided to show H how to use the formula, and told him to mix it 50/50 with BM for the three bottles he takes during the day. I had convinced myself that it was the right choice and that I didn't need to stress about it. But H says "are you sure this is the right thing to do? Can't you just try to pump a few more times at night?" Well, jerkface, last time I pumped in the evening I got half an ounce. I'm really struggling today Sad
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Re: Feeling a little like a failure today :(

  • I completely get where you are coming from.  I would be devastated, too.  And I would be upset at my H for making a comment like that - like you wouldn't do the best you could do?

    Have you tried to increase your supply?

    Regardless, you have to remember that the important thing here is that you are feeding your baby the best way you can right now.  That's all that matters.  Your baby will be just fine, you are an awesome mom, and soon you will feel better about this.

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  • Don't worry about it momma! You are doing what is best for your child! It's not your fault that your supply is dropping and the more you stress about it the more it will drop. Go get yourself something that makes you feel good (for me it's coffee) and relax and tell yourself that you are amazing for even making it this far... it's hard! Smile and have a better day! Big Smile
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  • This was me yesterday, so I know exactly how you feel. DD takes 16 oz. a day while I'm at work. I pump three times a day at work and once at night after she goes to bed, and it seems that most days I end up with exactly 16 oz. Some days it's less but I've somehow managed to make up for it with the night pumps on my days off. For some reason yesterday though I wasn't pumping near as much as usual and I thought we were going to have to supplement. I have nothing against formula and I know it's not bad for her or anything like that, I was just frustrated that I felt like my body was failing me. Of course my DH said the same thing. "Why don't you just pump more." It's so frustrating. Hang in there!
  • Aw, I'm sorry.  My H also doesn't understand that I can't just get more milk by plugging myself into the machine.  I think it's one of those things that you don't really get until you've hooked yourself up to the pump for 20-30 minutes to get an ounce :(  Just keep in mind that you've given him BM for over 3 months now, and that's awesome.

    There are a few things you can try to increase your supply (don't know if you've looked into these already or if it's something that you're interested in doing, and remember that your sanity is also of great importance).  Fenugreek, oatmeal, dark beer (I like oatmeal stouts), and even if you don't get a lot of milk out of an evening's pumping session you're still sending signals to your body to make more.  You could also try power pumping (pump 10 min, rest 10 min, repeat for an hour, do several days in a row).  In the end, though, your baby will be just fine with formula.  Don't beat yourself up over this.  You've done a great job.

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  • I cried reading your post because I fear this is going to be me soon. Somehow I have managed to make it so far, but it has been day by day with nothing stored in the freezer. We just have to tell ourselves that we are doing our absolute best and after that it's in God's hands. I have been taking the funegreek and drinking the mother's milk tea. Not sure the tea has done anything, but the fenugreek has helped. Don't beat yourself up. You are a great Mom and C will love you just the same. 
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  • Have you tried Domperidone? You could ask your doctor about it. I had to go on it a few weeks after our daughter was born because I just wasn't producing enough.  It totally doubled the amount that I was producing after a few weeks!  It is a little spendy, but it was the only way that I was able to exclusively breastfeed.  Look into it if you're interested :-)
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