It's Friday! Which means Bump day!

Yes I'm still here and fine (I replied to the post below, sorry it took so long to log on today!!!!)

I think we could/should also make Fridays just photo day in general.  Those of us pg can post bump pics but I would also invite the rest of you to post new/fun pics of what's going on with your kids or in your life. 

I would also like to wish all of you awesome MoMs and MoMs-to-be a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!  May we all get the royal treatment this weekend haha Big Smile

Here I am today, at 17w exactly.  And very excited that I'm so close to the halfway point!!!


BFP 2-28-09, DS born 11-11-09

BFP 11-2-10, blighted ovum discovered 12-8-10, natural m/c 12-13-10
BFP 1-27-11 - TWINS! di/di IDs born at 36w5d



Re: It's Friday! Which means Bump day!

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