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Ok so here's the deal: I want to get Seth on a daytime routine. A real one. He has one for the most part but it's pretty loose. He sleeps for a 5 and then 3 hr stretch at night and usually goes down around 9:30pm. So he's up between 6 and 7am to eat. Then he's up for a half hr to an hr and sleeps for anywhere from a 30 min to and hr and a half. Then he's up and his naps are all over the place. Lots of 30 min or hour long naps. He eats about every 2 hrs but that's getting a little inconsistent since he's going through a growth spurt (last night he slept 6 straight hrs and freaked out when I tried to burp him cause he was so hungry!) and now he's eating closer to every hr and a half to every hr (if he doesnt eat a lot). It's really hard to time things or plan things because I have no idea where he is going to be with his naps/eating. I'm pretty sure he's too little to put on the 2-nap-a-day routine since he sleeps so much still. So should I try a 3-nap-a-day routine (or 4?) or is he still too young to be on a scheduled nap routine? (He's 2 months old.) Help!

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Re: Routine??

  • ds is two months old and just when i think we have a routine it changes. i think at this age they pretty much say when they are tired and hungry and we need to follow along. IMO the only way to have a set routine is to put baby down when they arent actually sleepy. i dont know about your lo but ds would not stand for being put in his crib for a nap if he wasn't tired enough for it. not without letting him CIO which i am not willing to do. ds sleeps at night (he gets up to eat only and goes right back to sleep) so that is  what is important to me.

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  • It's prob a little young for a daytime routine still.  There are peeps on the 3-6 board without a daytime nap routine.
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