3rd Trimester

I was really hoping these questions would stop....

First thank you all for being so patient with us first time mommies...I was hoping that my paranoia would subside once I was in the third trimester but I guess not....

I have a couple of questions.  First is about movement, I defintely notice movement everyday and do get my 10 movements in an hour...but still some days he seems a bit more quiet than usual.  Just two days ago he was moving like crazy with big very notcible movements, yesterday he was much more quiet even with my prompting of cold drinks and little nudges.  I just need to know if this type of pattern is still considered normal at this stage?  Or does this indicate that there is something wrong with my little man.

My next question is about occasional numbness in my hands and feet, just been noticing it more often lately...normal?

TIA Ladies

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Re: I was really hoping these questions would stop....

  • Your baby is establishing sleep/awake patterns and growth spurts make them sleepy - so yes, there will be "quiet" days. They aren't fun for us, but as long as you are feeling movement, everything should be fine. If you have ANY doubts, you should always call your doc.

    As for the numbness - I'm starting to feel that now that I'm so swollen. I would mention it to your doc at your next appt, but I'm sure you're fine.

  • As your baby gets bigger it gets harder for her to move in there. As always- if youre seriously worried, call your doctor and mention that movement has decreased over the last day or two. If they are concerned they get you in to be checked out. 

    As for your hands and feet----have you mentioned it at any of your appointments? If not, I'd say something when you call about fetal movement :)

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  • My right hand has been numb for weeks now - it's pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome...the nerves get compressed due to the extra fluid retention. I have a brace for my left hand / wrist (I have full feeling in that hand but some pain) and I just deal with the numbness in my right hand for now...baby will be here in less than 2 weeks anyway (I'm not going to be allowed past my due date for other reasons).

    Fetal movement...ask your doc if concerned, but baby does start to run out of room at this point...I had a quiet day the other day but she's more than made up for it lately with vigorous stretches and squirms. She has no more room to kick or punch so the movements feel different but she's still up to her regulalrly scheduled program (i.e the same pattern in terms of what I feel when at certain times of the day. She's pretty predictable by now when I can expect her to gear up and when she settles in to nap).

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  • I have been experiencing similar issues with movement (I'm 34w--1st baby). Ever since about 28w, baby will have several quiet days & then he goes nuts for a couple days, repeat. I again asked my Midwife about this & she said it's fine (of course, if we're really worried, we should call in). 

    I chalk it up to he's growing a lot & you grow when you sleep, and sleeping is a good thing. Think of how much newborns sleep.  I have absolutely no idea if this is true, but I read somewhere that if they're calm when inside, they'll be calm when they come out so even if it's not true, it's a nice thought :-)  I also think baby moves a lot while I'm sleeping--hubby was feeling my belly one night when I was knocked out and the baby was going crazy.

    I've also got wrist & foot pain & my arms fall asleep more at night. I think it's all the extra blood/water volume & your circulatory system is just working that much harder.

  • Sometimes the numbness comes from a pinched nerve in your back or your back being out of alignment.  If it continues you might consider seeing a chiroprator for relief. 
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