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Traveling with newborn?

My family is throwing their first ever family "reunion"/BBQ at the end of this upcoming summer over LDW. Being that I live in Florida with just my fianc? and ALL of my fianc??s and my family and friends live in NY/NJ, I am already being asked if I can start making travel arrangements... my family is so excited to meet their first Grandson (my LO will be the first on both my fianc??s and my side). Many will not be able to make it down here for the birth so this reunion is also in a way a ?coming out party? for him so it is really important that we make it up there for the event.

My question is, will it be safe to fly with baby? He will be just over 2 months at the time of travel. Any suggestions? I really do not want to have to make the 18 hour driving trip if I don?t have to! Especially with a 2 month old that will be breastfeeding!




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Re: Traveling with newborn?

  • Two months is a great age to travel with a newborn since all they usually do is sleep. Enjoy it since it gets much harder as they get older! I traveled with my son on his two month birthday and nursed him throughout the flight which worked out great. I waited until he had his two month shots but in talking to my pediatrician, if you are breastfeeding, the baby has all your immunities anyway so you could fly before then.
  • I'm flying from Louisiana to Virginia with LO when he's anywhere from 6-8 weeks old, my OB said it was fine and I'll check with his pediatrician as well.  Most airlines require they be at least 2 weeks old.  Ask your pediatrician if you have more concerns.
  • This article says it's safe to fly with even a week old baby but it's better to wait until they at 4-6weeks because you'll have a better idea of their health and their immune system is stronger by then. By 2 months you should be safe, and it's probably a fairly short flight. I'm sure everyone will be so excited to meet him!
  • We flew with the kids at 6w (DD) and 7w (DS) - and with DS that was to England. The biggest worry was the lack of vaccinations, but we just moved DS's 2 month shots up to right before we left.  DD had not had any shots but our doc wasn't worried.

    It is SO easy to fly with a newborn. They eat and sleep the entire way. 

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  • Thanks all! Very reassuring! We are so excited to bring the LO home to meet everyone!

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  • *lurking*

    I traveled to Mexico for my brother's wedding in February.  DD was just over 2 months old.  

    The flight was fine.  I'm EBFing, so she nursed and slept through the whole flight.  Many people came up to us to say what a good baby she was.  One thing that was tough was having to lug around so much stuff.  We gate checked our stroller, and as I was carrying DD everywhere - DH was stuck with a ton of baggage to carry.  Not impossible, just a bit tough.  We had a lot of family there which helped.

    My biggest issue was not with the travelling, but just with the other people on the trip.  At 2 months old, DD was still sleeping quite a bit.  In order to ensure that we were able to leave our hotel room, I HAD to protect her nap schedule.  I got a lot of comments about how DD is "ALWAYS" sleeping and why don't I let her stay up longer.  Ugh.  Annoying, but nothing to do with the actual travel - just being around so many people all day unlike at home.  Funny how the most annoying things about baby have nothing to do with baby - it's all other people.

    I think you should be fine to fly!  Just check with your pedi (ours gave us the thumbs up with no concerns). 

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  • Talk with your pedi about getting his two month shots before the trip (but not so close that if he has a reaction it will be en route). Also, make sure you get a copy of his medical records in case something happens- DD got sick on a trip and I was so freaked out about being in a hospital away from home I completely blanked on everything from the date of her last check up to her vaccination schedule to her birth weight- I was completely useless and on top of it all I had to get DH to go online and find out the contact information for our doctor because I never thought to have that information with me.
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  • We are flying from California to Oklahoma in July when LO will be about 2 months old and everyone has been telling me that is the best age to fly with them. We were originally going to drive because DH wants to tow his classic car (we are going to a car show), but we decided that it would be insane to drive about 1,600 miles with an infant.
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  • I agree that flying will be easier than driving (I've done a 14-hr drive with a 2-mo-old), as you (obviously) can't nurse and drive. Even bottles while driving can be difficult. My suggestion would be to have LO in a front carrier, baby wrap, etc. This keeps baby close, your hands fairly free, and others out of baby's face. Big Smile Our current youngest taught me the value of baby-wearing. It was the only way for me to accomplish anything at all. Lol. Happy travels!!!
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  • If our LO turns out to be a relatively easy, healthy baby, I'm hoping to take her on a 1-hour flight at 2 months, and possibly an international flight at 4 months.  If she's unhealthy or colicky, or we can't BF and get the immunities from that, then I'll probably skip it.  

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