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induction cancelled, so upset...

I just got a call that my inductions been postponed because they're full...

I'm so upset.... I've been having the hardest time, can't sleep, legs so swollen they hurt.... I'm sure just everything you're all feeling, but I felt like with the induction I had hope it'd be over... and yesterday felt like Christmas eve...

 Then to wake up to a phone call from the hospital that they're busy... just I could scream. I'm so frustrated.... its the worst feeling... knowing I have to live like this for another day... 


 feeling so horrible and helpless.... 

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Re: induction cancelled, so upset...

  • Aw I am sorry.  You and I are exactly 40wks and 1 day...I am ready for the baby to come too.  I am sorry you are so uncomfortable.  Did they reschedule you?

    I go to the Doc this morning to see is there is any progress.  

    Best of Luck to you and sending hugs and thoughts and prayers your way!

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  • I'm sorry. I am just as anxious as you. Today we'll be finding out if I will be induced because our little man isn't growing any more. If it happens, it'll be tonight. I just keep saying that I've had my mind set on this day for 2 weeks that if plans change, I feel like I'll be lost.  Best wishes to you tomorrow.
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  • Thank you.. It helps to know that there is someone else out there who understands... 

    They haven't rescheduled me yet, they said they would keep me posted later today or tomorrow... I'm 4 cm dilated, fully effaced.. I just wish my water would break so I could go in and be like... take that, I'm coming in regardless of your "room shortage" situation...

    Most of all I just don't want to have to go through another night..... I dread the nights coming they're so terrible... so if I even get called in later tonight I'm fine with that..

     I hope you have progress when you go to your appointment this morning!!! 

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  • So Sorry to hear that! I am due tomorrow (w/baby #3), and have been at a zero station & 100%  (now, according to my OB, 101%) effaced & there is a tiny little spot in my cervix (my OB thinks a tiny little adhesion from the other two pregnancies) that is keeping everything in. She told me I'd be 4 cm & BBOW by now if that spot wasn't there - this is week #2 with these findings. It is so hard, especially when you can feel the baby's shoulders, head, etc just right there & yet nothing you can do - I hope your water breaks - you will feel much better when it does, trust me!! I was 40 weeks & 5 days with my other two. Good luck deary!Big Smile
  • I am so sorry this happened to you. I am scheduled forSunday morning and I am a little worried about that "super moon" filling up all the rooms and being rescheduled. I cannot imagine being all worked and prepared just be cancelled. I'm 3 cm and 100% effaced so I am still hoping for my water to break on its own and I pray for your sake it happens to you today, they can't be full all day can they?? Good luck!
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  • Have you gotten your reschedule yet?  My appointment went well...I'm now scheduled @ 7am tomorrow morning.  Too coincidental?  They were full tonight.  AND #14 on my info sheet is that caveat that they can reschedule at any time.  Best wishes to you.
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  • Dang, that sucks!!! I am scheduled to be induced on Monday morning at 7:30am and I have to call at 6:30am to make sure they can take me.  I just know I will be soooo upset if they say NO! I hope you get a call soon.
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