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I wish someone had told me (labor related)

So, I've yet to post my whole birth story, but I wanted to share three things I WASN'T prepared for (despite my pre-labor Bump boards addiction).

1. Kick the family out! I delivered at 6:53am, and told the family and friends the first hours belonged to DH and I. It wasn't nearly enough time. I had lost a lot of blood, and before I knew it, I woke up to 14 (no joke) people in my room right at noon. Everyone wanted to hold the baby, of course, but I didn't get to BFing until 12 hours later! HUGE mistake! We had latching problems, she was "starved" for the first 72 hours and we were at the pediatrician every single day for weigh-ins her first days of life. Not fun. I should have known better and been more assertive, but in my post-labor state, I was blind to the harm it ultimately would do.

2. Snacks, snacks, snacks! DH had the vending machine coins, etc, but there are a whole lot of hours between dinner and breakfast - ESPECIALLY when you are breastfeeding every 2 hours (or more). I remember watching DH and baby sleep in the room at 2am while I was chowing down on DH's goldfish crackers and chocolate chip cookies. I also packed Capri Sun drinks (needed the sugar big time) and a gatorade. DH ran out for a bfast burrito one day too for me (I was there almost 4 days).

3.  If you're a yoga pants girl, pack 'em! Plus nursing TANKS. I wore the hospital gowns through labor and one post-day. I had 2nd deg tears and had a lot of blood loss. The hospital undies and huge pads weren't a huge deal, but knowing I had pants to "hold 'em up" helped a lot. I could also get up and out of bed without showing too much. Low-low-rise would probably be best for an c-sectioners.

I didn't use the  magazines I brought, but I was super happy to have had my shower shoes. Good luck to everyone still with inside babies!!!


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Re: I wish someone had told me (labor related)

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