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Baptism Gift Ideas

My friend has asked me to be her son's godmother & I have absolutely no I idea what to get him as a gift. I haven't been to a baptism since my own when I was an infant so I am clueless! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
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Re: Baptism Gift Ideas

  • A Children's Bible?  Maybe a savings bond?  If they are catholic you could get a St.Christoper necklace (for protection). 

  • The Jesus Storybook Bible is very good.  You can look on sites like Things Remembered or Red Envelope(my best friend uses these all the time) to get ideas.
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  • Some follow the tradition of buying the baby their outfit for the day.  Not sure if they have one already.   My baby's godmother got her a white gold necklace and cross, a white cross bib to wear, and shoes (she had a dress already).  Godfather gave money.   

    I got a really nice engraved snowglobe from someone.  It was from Things Remembered.   

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  • Our DD's Godfather got her a rosary and a crib cross (cross to hang above the crib with a blessing inscribed on it).  Her Godmother got her a Baptism angel that she found at a Christian bookstore.

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  • My son's godmother got him a crucifix and a children's bible.  The godfather got him a prayer book.  I think whatever you give will be much appreciated - it's the thought that counts.
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  • As a godmother I gave a gold cross and chain to my niece.  For my nephew, whose family is less religious and less traditional I had blanket made with his name on it.  My DH is godfather to our nephew and we gave him a tiffany's children's spoon with his initials on it.  I don't think they use it, even though that was the point. 

    Even though I'm a godmother twice over, I'm not religious and wouldn't give a bible as a gift.  The cross necklace was as far as I'd go.

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  • My favorite baptism gift is the red plate tradition.. it is a red china plate with You are special painted around the edges.. it started as a european tradition a long time ago and is so special.. the plate comes out to celebrate special occasions and will last for years and can be handed down... it's not very expensive.. so as a godmother you can give it and a bond if you want.. here's the story behind it:   the printable poem in the article is great to give with the gift.
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