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Ok so serious gross subject but what do hemroids feel like? I have never had one before. Things feel swollen and uncomfy back there but I can hardly reach, let alone see what's going on. Also is there any end in sight to the serious swelling in the vag? I am assuming it is normal but is there anyway to get it to go away? I havent seen my DH in weeks (love the army) and Im begining to think that there is no way he is getting any this weekend - poor guy!

Re: TMI post

  • You feel like your arse hole is on FIRE. Seriously hrts SO badly you can't sit or walk.

    Never had the swelling vag...

  • Eh...I have hemmorhoids, but they're not terribly uncomfortable most of the time.  Swelling in both areas should go down sometime before your dc reaches kindergarten :).  (Ok, kidding, but when you have 3 kids in a row, it seems like it doesn't ever end!)
  • Happy to read that I am not alone!!! Hang in there wileswife, I'm right there along with you! I also "think" I might have a small hemroid but am not sure and can't see or barely reach to feel anything. It doesn't burn or hurt to sit but when I shower I can feel some "different". I'm too embarrassed to ask DH to check! LOL! I am also EXTREMELY swollen in the vaginal region...DH hasn't had any in weeks and I am not sure when he will get a chance again at this point!!! Poor guy....but he is being very understanding about it thank goodness!!!!


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