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uh dont mention induction...

I went to my doc appointment yesterday I was 38 weeks and 6 days...so one day shy of 39 weeks. Usually i have this wonderful doctor Ross, and he is so cool, all into the natural way of letting your body cope with it all and letting you go to term and 1 week over and just his bed side manner is fantastic.

For some of the appointments though ive had a "penny" his assistant nurse. She checked me at 35 weeks which my doula and husband thought was strange and a a little early. She then checked me at 36 weeks for strep B and checked my cervix again and every week after this.

It just so happened my husband couldn't make it yesterday and i dont drive so my doula and I had a day out and went together. Well i loved it because the nurse mentioned induction and i was not even 39 weeks yesterday. Ive been incredibly healthy this pregnancy, no blood pressure problems, no baby problems, no weight problems, nada. She wanted me in Sunday BEFORE my due date this coming Tuesday..but i said no because me, my doula, dr ross and my husband think im progressing nicely and my bodies doing what its supposed to. She then scedualed me in Monday- she said to eat plenty and we'll monitor the baby. My doula thinks this is a scheme to get me to stay in to have an induction.


Im just wondering if anyone else has been pressured into induction before their due date for no reason at all and everything is healthy and fine? My Doula and Dr Ross work closely together so i know ill have him on monday instead of penny as my doula complained and it'll be a regular checkup after all. but why worry a mother saying we need to "monitor you for a couple of hours" for no reason -_- and try and schedule me in before my due date without even consulting the doctor....


sorry about my rant or anything that doesn't make sense.  Geeked

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Re: uh dont mention induction...

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