Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

18mo+ Toddler Bathing Question

How many people does it take to bathe your toddler?

With DS it takes two apparently.  Now he doesn't like to be in the tub alone, and I got in there with him.  The second person will lift him out to towel him off because I can't lift him from a seated position in a slippery textured floor tub.

My 20mo is strongwilled and refuses to get ready for bed...he would rather run through the house bucknaked - birthday suit and all - instead of getting clothes on all of a sudden.

What is going on here?!

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Re: 18mo+ Toddler Bathing Question

  • If normally takes two for us too... DD and I bathe together most of the time!
  • Just me.  i'm all i have most nights, and she LOVES the water.  But anyway, wouldn't you rather run around the house buck naked than go to sleep?  Well, when you were a kid anyway?

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  • I am usually on my own for bath time and DS loves the tub once i get him in.  i think it's more about them understanding the routine and fighting it.....after bath is bedtime and quiet time.  DS is the same with wanting to run around and it takes me forever to get him dressed. 
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  • We let DS run around with a diaper on for a good 45 minutes after his bath.  Bath is at 7-7:15 and then he runs around until 8.  The pjs go on much easier after that and he's wiped out and ready to go to bed by 8:30.

    DS has always gotten riled up after bath time, so we never could go straight to bed after it.


  • Just one of us...which is DH 95% of the time!


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  • Just me, but DD LOVES taking a bath. She hates bubbles though! If there is any sign of a bubble, she refuses to get in. Odd! She loves putting on her pajama's too. We do the "jamma time" dance. A little silly, but it's part of our routine and she loves it!
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  • Just me, I actually bathe both of my boys alone 98% of the time.  :-)

    They both love their baths!!

    Do you have toys to help occupy him?  I have tons of bath toys along with colored foam and color tablets that change water color.  I also play with them from outside the tub.  Our favorite game is when I throw a water squeeze ball from the doorway up and over the curtain rod. They love it.  It makes a mess but they have a ton of fun. (weekend game)

    the naked thing, yes - they both love to be naked. hahaha

    My oldest actually stood up one day and started bouncing on the couch. I said "The neighbors are going to see you."  he quickly put his undies on and went to window and said "Hey lady, go away"  goof ball

    CJ :-)
  • DS loves to take baths so only 1 person is needed. He loves to run around naked too, so I usually let him while I get all his bedtime gear ready.

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