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My LO just turned 1 and I'm curious how many bottles you give your LOs throughout the day.  My pedi said no more than 28 ounces of milk a day.  I've been giving him 4 bottles per day, but I'm wondering if I should cut one out.  How many bottles and how often do you feed during the day? TIA! 

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Re: Milk

  • 16 oz of milk and ~6 oz of water.

    She pees all the time!

  • she has water sippy all day long & then 3 sippy's of milk per day.  Sometimes more but no less than 3 sippy's so that's about 24 oz of milk I'd say.


  • Tristan get a sippy cup with 4oz of milk with breakfast.  A sippy cup of water/ and or juice with lunch and then a sippy cup of 4oz of milk with dinner.  He also gets water during the day if he is thirsty.

    He gets a 4oz bottle before bed and then one more 4oz bottle in the middle of the night.  Total of 16oz of milk per day

    On the off chance that he is super hungry at night and wakes up more than once for milk he gets another 4oz bottle bringing the total to 20oz of milk.

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  • DD is 13 months and has 3 bottles of milk a day 7.5-8 oz each.  She defintely drinks 2 bottles, but the third is another story!  She also has a sippy cup of juice, with only@ 4-6 oz of juice or water for the day.  Would LOVE to transition milk to a sippy cup but she won't budge.
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