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If your child is potty trained

We just started potty training S 8 days ago and he is doing fantastic (with #1). BUt he still wears a diaper at naps and at night. he sometimes wets it at naps and always wakes up soaking wet in the morning. He uses the bathroom before going to bed. How long did it take your child to be diaper free when sleeping? Any suggestions on how to help him?

Re: If your child is potty trained

  • DD has only been PT for about a month, but we started just making her go to the bathroom before naps and bed after about two weeks. Mostly she stays dry -- she has an occasional accident though. I did notice that if we put her down in a diaper she is likely to just pee, but if she's in underwear she holds it.
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  • I tried underwear earlier in the week and 10 minutes in he started crying...when I went to check his bed was wet. but maybe I should give him another week and try again.
  • DD1 was daytime potty-trained at 26 months. I never had her wear diapers at naptime, but she did wear diapers overnight and always woke up with a full wet diaper in the beginning. We kept the overnight diapers for another six months, although I think she was waking up dry for a good month or two before that.

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  • We potty trained DS1 around 2.5 years but only took the pull up off at night recently (3.5 years +/-).  He never wore a pull up for a nap once we started training.

    We gave the no pullup a try around 3 years old, and again at 3 years, 3 months both with limited success (it was 3 nights dry, 1 or two nights wet) but this time it seems to be taking.

    I was not stressed about nighttime training.  It comes when it comes.  Plus, it's only pee and only one pullup.

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  • Am I correct that he is barely 2?  Could be a loooong while!  Be patient!  Ds1's 4.5 year old friend still needs them at night.

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  • DD has been potty trained during the day since mid-Oct but we still have her wear diapers for naps and at night.  She is dry probably around 75% of the time.  I'm in no hurry to try her without, esp. since we recently moved her to a new room and a new big girl bed.

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  • DD has been PTed since the week she turned 2, and she still wears pull-ups for naps and at night. She drinks a lot of milk before bed (and, unfortunately, often wakes and asks for more during the night) so her pull-ups are always soaked in the morning.

    I don't expect we'll tackle nighttime PTing for a while. Naps should be easier since she is usually only asleep for 90 minutes. They don't allow pull-ups in the 3-year-old room at her school so she'll have to get past that pretty quick.

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  • DD was fully potty and 2.5 years. DD had been staying dry at night for as long as I could since before her 2nd birthday. We also got her interested in the potty/using it at around 16 months. But we never "pushed" her until after her 2nd birthday.  She usually goes potty at like 7pm and then doesnt go again until 7am. She was born with a great bladder! Like a pp said, I've known kids who are older than 4 who still wear pull ups or night time diapers.

  • My daughter went from waking up wet almost every day to sleeping through without an issue all of a sudden.  When I noticed that she was waking up with a dry pull up a couple of days, I tried her in underwear at night.  For about the first week I would make her go potty before bed and then wake her up around eleven to go again (this was not a big deal, she barely woke up and went without a problem while I held her).  Since then she has been waking up dry with only the occasional accident. 
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  • It depends on the child.

     DS potty trained at 24 months for day time and naptime but will be 4 in April and still sleeps in a pull up and is wet more times than not. I have tried everything to help him stay dry at night and it just does not work. We have stopped all liquids 2 hours before bed, he goes potty before bath at 7 and again before bed at 8 and he still wakes up wet. It is a physical development thing that he has to grow into.

    DD potty trained at 19 months for daytime and was sleeping in panties 2 weeks after that. 


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  • DS was day trained by 20 months, and just became night trained this week.
    I night trained him by:

    - Limiting the amount he drinks before bed (no more drinks 2.5 hours before bedtime)

    - Bathroom before bed

    - I put a night light in the hallway and in the bathroom, so now if he has to pee he will get up and go on his own.

    - It also helped to put him in underwear at night

    Still, as pp said, it depends on the child and their desire to learn. 


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  • I know every child is different. I was just looking for insight. A friend of ours just told us his son was fully potty trained (day, nap and night) after 1 week. We have been potty training that long and have had accident free days!! But today we did have one accident and I just feel like night is especially a long way away! But it is good to hear that other children have taken a while to get the hang of night. :) 
  • when we started potty training we told DS no more diapers and kept it that way even when sleeping. We put layers under him so we could just remove one layer if he had an accident and he could go back to sleep. We also cut out liquids for the hour before bedtime. It took a little over a week for him to get consistent and now I don't remember the last accident we had. Every child is different but I really think he would still go in the diaper if he had one on but he knows he'll be uncomfortable if he goes in his underwear.
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  • I started PT DD in July right after her birthday and she didn't go pull-up free for overnight until probably November or December.
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