3rd Trimester

Packing my & baby bag...

Should I also pack daddy a bag too? Buy him some things for a night at the hopsital?? @.@

Re: Packing my & baby bag...

  • i just threw his stuff in mine.



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  • I'm packing my husband a few things in my bag. A change of clothes, swim trunks (to join me in the shower/jacuzzi during labor), a mini body wash in case he needs to shower and he is also throwing in his psp in case I am sleeping or something. I am also packing some food just in case the baby comes after the cafeteria is closed. That way if vending machine food isn't enough to hold either of us over, he wont have to leave to go get food. (pbj, energy bar/bran muffins and juice packs...)
  • MH isn't staying the night so he'll just have his laptop bag with him when he's at the hospital. We live about 15 minutes away and he was useless to me during the night last time. We plan on sending Nugget to the nursery at night
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  • One tip our labor class gave us was to make sure to pack some ibuprofen or any other meds your husband may need because they are not allowed to give him anything since he is not a patient.

  • I just plan on putting my DH's stuff in my bag.  When I bought the travel size stuff I bought stuff for him too, like guy body wash and stuff like that.  I'll also be packing his fav snacks so we don't have to spend money in a vending machine if the cafeteria is closed.  Side bar:  We have the same due date!  And I love your siggy, "Tattooed Mommy"... very cute!
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  • I am adding a few things for H.  Pj's, money for food, some snacks, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, tylenol, deodorent, jeans/t-shirt/underwear/socks.  He's going to come home to check on the pups so it's really just in case I am in labor for a long period of time. 
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  • A change of clothes, including socks and shoes, is always a good idea -- labor and newborns are messy! Snacks are always useful too.

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  • When we had DD, we just brought a bag big enough for all our stuff (a rolling carry-on suitcase). All he really needed was a change of clothes and some basic toiletries, so it didn't take up much space. It was a lot easier than having a bunch of separate bags (although he did also bring his laptop bag).?
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