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So please excuse my rant, but in the interest of not freaking out at people in real like I must get this out!  If one more person says, "Oh, it will be a boy because you're such a great boy mom!" to me one more time I'm going to lose it!  Yes, I'll be happy with a boy or girl, yes I would like to experience having a daughter, and yes I think it would be great for my son to have a brother, but NO I don't understand what being a "good boy mom" means!  Isn't that just a good mom?  My pregnancy hormones have me all in a tizzy about this one this morning and it's literally making my head go round in circles.  Does that mean that I wouldn't do well with a little girl?  Does that mean I'm in some way more masculine?  Does that mean that I'm good with my pretty wild son and that I might as well have another and leave calm girls for the good girl moms? (Yes, I know not all girls are calm and not all boys are full of energy, but in my hormonal state rational thought is fleeting.)  I always thought I'd have girls, but I LOVE being my son's mom and I know it would be great to have another boy.  Really...I know it's ridiculous but I'm just perplexed.  Okay.  Rant over. 

 Any other "good boy/girl moms" out there?   

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  • I get "it would be so nice for you to have one of each"

    Why?   I don't plan on parenting them differently.  My daughter plays with Thomas train and blocks predominately because that's what she likes, if I had a boy that likes dolls and hair bows i'd react the same way.

    In addition to that, i'm the second of 2 girls.   Does that mean my parents should have been dissappointed that I was born without a penis?



  • I'm with you! This is actually my first pregnancy, but all my friends kept saying I would be the perfect "boy mom", because I'm not a really girly-girl. At first, I actually really thought I was carrying a boy, but nope, she's all girl!!!

    So now, it really irks me... it seems like some of my friends/family are disappointed she's not a he. All my friends have little girls and I think they were just hoping someone would have a boy soon, but its always a 50/50 shot. So it makes me mad that they think I'd be a good "boy mom" and don't seem as excited that she is going to be a girl.

  • With all 3 pregnancies just about everyone was sure it was going to be a girl. When I asked why, they would say it just seemed like I would be a great girl mom because I'm such a girly-girl. I think I'm a great boy mom! I wrestle, play cars, dinosaurs, catch, etc. with my super active, rambunctious little guys. Now that #3 is a girl, people act like I must be so overjoyed "to finally get my girl." I know they don't mean anything by it, but I do get defensive. I love, love, love having little boys! And I'm sure my little girl will be so much fun too!
  • Some people need to keep their mouths closed. I think that is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard! I believe I'm a wonderful mother to my only son, but feel I will be just as wonderful to our baby girl when she comes. Ugh, tell them to kindly keep their opinions to themselves!
  • MIL just keeps telling me she hopes I have a boy since our first is a girl.  Because, you know, the ideal family is one of each.  Even though she only had 1 (DH) and its just my sister and I.  Confused

    I secretly hope I've got another girl baking just to spite her.  lol.

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  • I ditto all pp's re: a boy and a girl being the perfect family. Sometimed people just dont realize what theyre saying.
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  • I've always thought of myself as a mom to boys.  I think my personality just fits well with parenting boys.  Doesn't mean I won't love my daughter and be good mom to her, but it is taking some serious adjustment to my own thoughts.
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