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I will NEVER treat my daughter

The way my Mom treats me!  Especially when she has kids.  She babysat this morning so I could go to court (I'm a solo practice lawyer) and after I was done, I called to ask if I could go to the grocery for cold cuts and milk.  She said of course it was ok, since there's supposedly a huge snow storm coming, we need food.  Then when I got home, she made a comment about my 3 bags of groceries- 3 bags of cold cuts?  When I told her how nuts the store was, especially the deli and that I shopped while they cut my deli meat, she actually said she thinks it was "a stretch."  Like I am f'ing lying to her!  Um, it's not like I was out getting my nails done or something.  Needless to say I will be switching to the babysitter asap.  So much for my family helping out so I can save some $...
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Re: I will NEVER treat my daughter

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