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Shower games??

So my sister and I are helping throw a baby shower for our baby sister.  We are in charge of the entertainment.  We've got a couple of ideas for games but are looking for some more.  We've thought of doing the candy bar/diaper one, guess the baby food flavor, and the one where you guess how big her belly is by cutting a peice of yarn or string.  Does anyone else have any other ideas or games that we could play.  Its been three years since I had a shower and mine were more on the formal side and less on the entertaining side. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  TIA.
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Re: Shower games??

  • We're playing the "guess how big her belly is" (even though I've read some girls got offended at their showers at how large people were guessing) and the clothespin game, where if anyone says "baby" the person who catches them steals their clothespin. Whoever ends up with the most pins gets a small prize (which is usually given to you).

    We're also passing a baby name poll around since we still haven't settled on one of our four names.

    I searched for games online and there are lots of bingo type games that look like fun.
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  • I know it's been a few weeks since your post, but I was browsing for some ideas myself~

    The last shower I threw I got some wood blocks and a punch of dif. colored paint, so people could make ABC or 123 blocks for the baby.  This keeps people entertained as well as giving the baby a neat gift.  You could also use onesies, or burb clothes... anything really works.

    As far as games, you could have a list of famous couples and pictures of their babies~ have the guests match the baby with the couple.


  • I am having a shower for a co-worker next month and I am doing the guessing of how big her belly is, and I ordered these bingo sheets  which coordinate with her shower theme.  And, people put down things off of her registry that they think she got.  When she opens her presents, they mark off the item.  Whoever has the most mark-offs wins. 

    And, I red somewhere where you can take a poll of how many bibs you think she will get. The closest one gets  a prize.   


    Hope these help!

  • Games I'm doing for my shower, that have not been mentioned already: 

    Who Can Make The Mother-To-Be's Baby: (Materials - Baby magazines, Scissors, Glue, Paper). Have the women group up into teams of 3 and give each 3 baby magazines. Have them cut out pieces of different baby qualities and put together a picture of what they think the Mother-To-Be's baby will look like.

    Draw A Baby Game (Materials: Crayon and paper plate) - Each participant is given a paper plate and a crayon. They are asked to place the plate on their heads, like a hat. They are given 1 minute to draw a baby on the plate while holding it over their heads.


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