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Living situations?

After H and I separated my son and I moved back in with my parents. They're so generous for letting us live here but I am losing my mind! I just could not afford a place of our own on my part time job $ (I'm a full-time student so I can't work full-time). Anyone else have a less than desirable living situation? I just don't know how to go about having a place of our own... ever. ugh!

Re: Living situations?

  • Thankfully my parents are helping me buy my house so I was able to stay in it.  However, money is VERY tight because SD (super douche) doesn't pay CS.
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  • I think SD is the best acronym of all time.
  • I live with my parents right now. I come from a different culture where living with parents is really not a big deal though.

    I moved back home May 2009. I know is not easy at all. They still want to parent me and make decisions regarding Valeria. In some situations I have had to put my foot down and tell them to mind their own business but at the end its their house, their rules unfortunately.

    On the bright side, I have free childcare for DD. She is surrounded by people who love her on a daily basis and thats the most important thing in the world for me. They just adore her and she shares such a close relationship with my parents and little sister! Also, when Im sick they not only take care of DD but also they look after me. 

    Im planning to move out at the end of next year  when I finish paying all the money I owe and can comfortable live on our own but I will most likely get a place in the same neighborhood.

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  • My parents own a house about nine miles away from their home. I live in that house with DS.  I was living a few hours away when I found out I was pregnant and just finishing school. However, I have a teaching degree so by the time teaching jobs came open no one would hire me because I was clearly showing. No one obviously said that, but after a million interviews that all went very well yet no job, I got the hint! I bartended until K was born and since then I have been applying anywhere and everywhere that has openings.

    I hate that I am still having to rely completely on my parents, but am very lucky to have their help. I am also lucky that I sort of have my "own" place because I'm not sure my father and I would make it under the same roof anymore!
    I just keep the faith that someday soon I will be able to stand on my own! Just remember it's not forever, and at least we have them to help us. :)

    Keep your head up!

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  • I also live with my parents and I don't foresee being able to live on my own ANYTIME soon. Maybe if DB gets a job and starts paying CS but I definitely don't see that happening. I'm lucky that my parents are supportive of me. I'm in debt up to my ears and stuck in a dead end job. I'm just biding my time until DD is older and I can go back to school and at least get some kind of certification so I can earn more money. Anyway, generally speaking I get along very well with my family, they love and spoil DD to death. I like my living situation in some ways because I have my own space downstairs in the finished basement; bedroom, bathroom and living room. I can have my privacy or I can be upstairs with my family. But in some ways I hate it because I'm not allowed to have male guests, lol
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  • I'm living with my mom (my parents are divorced) but both of my parents are extremely helpful. It'll definitely be weird staying here again plus relying on them again after being independent is pretty tough. I know I'll be living here until I finish my master's degree plus like was stated above my daughter will (I'm due anytime) be surrounded by people that love her.
  • I moved in with my parents briefly when I left XH.  I was able to convince him that he should go live with his parents, so I could move back into the home.  Luckily I got the home in the divorce.  I have a roommate now to help pay the bills.  Would you be able to afford your own place if you got a 2 BR or 3 BR place and had a friend move in and help pay the rent/mortgage?
  • I own my condo but can not afford it on my own with the added cost of childcare. I have sublet it to some friends for 6-12months while I work on getting my certification for my job (This comes with an automatic raise). After which I should be able to live on my own again.

    I live with my parents now. It is hard, but I really did need their help while adjusting to being a new mom. Plus they were a big help after my c-section!

    I couldn't make this sh*t up! 


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