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Migraines affecting work!

I am 15 weeks and suffering from daily continual headaches and migraines.  I work for a 911 center and commute to work 12 hr shifts and can't do this with my headache issues.  Now I have started having panic attacks from the stress  of this. I have tried going to a chiropractor on a weekly basis because I thought they were coming from my back pain.  He told me to take Short Term disability.  I have no clue how to handle this situation but know that I have to do something soon! 

Has anyone ever had to deal with this or have any siggestions?

Re: Migraines affecting work!

  • Talk to your doctor!  I suffered from migraines and they gave me Fioricet and it saved me, seriously.
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  • You need to see a medical doctor since the chiropractic therapy isn't working. I would start by seeing your OB because migraine is a very common condition during pregnancy, and your OB should be familiar with what is safe to do during pregnancy. Your medical doctor will determine if a claim for STD is appropriate. Your OB can also make a referral to a therapist or other appropriate intervention for your panic attacks.

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well. It's important to take care of yourself and your baby. Best of luck!

  • Did you have migraines before pregnancy?  If not, it's probably hormone related, like PP said pregnancy can be a trigger.  Talk to your OB to see what options you have.  I know how badly migraines stink, I'm sorry!

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