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dropping?? what it feels like? and a little TMI

I never dropped with DD as I was induced at 38 weeks. My Dr. thought I was going to have a huge baby if I went to 40 weeks. (she was wrong... DD was 6 lbs 12 oz) But I just dont know what it feels like to drop. I think I have or at least started this time. I can breathe a little better and it looks like my belly is a little lower.....

Also, a little TMI here but it feels like "down there" is a little more open if that makes sense.... not sure if that has any coorelation to dropping but that's what i feel...

Any knowledge??? TIA ladies!!

Re: dropping?? what it feels like? and a little TMI

  • This is my first successful pregnancy and have always carried low.  But it seems like the last few days she has dropped even lower.  I have no idea how much lower she could could get without just falling out.  Seriously!!!  I'm anxious to see my Dr next week to see if anything is happening!

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  • That sounds about right. I felt like DS was going to fall right out a day or two before my water broke, so it could be getting close for you
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  • I dropped this last weekend and it feels like you can breathe a bit better (baby not up in the ribs as much), more pressure in the pelvic area, feel like I have to pee a lot more, I also feel like he is able to hit me in my vaginal area which is painful.  He feels much heavier to carry around as well!  Hope this helps! 
  • I think the baby dropped in the past week or so.  It feels like a lot of pressure in the groin area if I stand or walk for prolonged periods (I found this out during a marathon shopping session at the mall this past weekend).  I also have to use the bathroom a lot more often.  It is kind of uncomfortable, but at least my breathing is much better (no more tightness in my diaphragm).
  • Well, I don't know if I've dropped fully or not. A few friends ahve commented, but the only things I'm basing it on (short of a MW confirming it) is that I feel her a bit lower, and my hips/pelvis are really a lot achier, and I feel the weight lower, like PP said.
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