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Swollen feet... Argh!

Okay, so this is the third or fourth day in a row that my feet are both so swollen they hurt! No swelling anywhere else, so I don't think it's pre-e or anything. It's just soooo annoying!!! I prop my feet up, lay down on my left side, drink lots of water, etc., but they don't seem to change! Thank God I only have five more days to go!

Re: Swollen feet... Argh!

  • I feel your pain! I hope I have made some sort of progress for my appt tomorrow ... My ankles are so swollen that I just wanna cut them off .... But really I have tried soaking, propping, drinking water and everything else just like you .... just want my LO to make her arrival soon! GL ..
  • Assuming that you have no other concerning symptoms, it's normal and fortunately I can assure you that it does go away eventually. My feet got super swollen about 5 days before my water broke -- nothing I tried really helped the swelling go down. One thing I wasn't expecting is that my feet and legs stayed pretty swollen for about 2-3 days after my son was born, but they did eventually deflate. I couldn't believe how skinny my feet looked once they went back to normal!

    Hang in there!

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