3rd Trimester

omg time is FLYING!!

i just noticed my ticker this morning! i was still thinking oh #2 is still months away...uh hello NO shes really close to coming. so now im kind of freaking out because i have nothing ready for her at all. she is going to be my second so i have essential things but #1 was a boy, so she needs different clothes and blankets which i have a couple of but i have not gotten her nursery ready what so ever!!! we need another crib, empty out her room (its been like a storage room for over a yr) and still need to paint and get her room together. all while the holidays go on!! omg what have i been thinking!!

...oh yea i ve been thinking i have a barely one yr old and a dh who is farming right now (super long days) but still i feel bad that i am rushing with her #1 was all set and ready long before his arrival

Re: omg time is FLYING!!

  • You're not the only one, girl. And I don't even have any excuses, other than I've just been lazy! DH works normal hours, we don't have another little one at home occupying us, we've had tons of offers left and right for help... We just don't really know what the heck we're doing, since this is our first baby, so I think it's denial. Somethings gotta change with a quickness tho... This time of year always flys by for me!
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