3rd Trimester

Hit an all-time pregnancy low this morning!

So, I get dressed this morning, get my son ready for daycare, make the bed, do all the fun morning time things I have to do. All the while wondering why my pants feel snug. Ehh, whatever. I drive him to school, drop him off, get in the car to go to work and I look down at my pants and notice that there are pockets in the front that have never been there before. I look around my pants and notice that my panel is mid-butt. At this point I'm VERY confused...until I realized that THEY'RE ON BACKWARDS!! WTF??? Who the hell puts their pants on backwards and doesn't realize right away?! I understand putting your shirt on backwards, but your pants? So, I rushed to work and ran into the bathroom to flip them before any of my students noticed!! How embarassing!
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Re: Hit an all-time pregnancy low this morning!

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