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Bad week.

Hi ladies. I've really missed you. This has just been a horrible week. Last Monday, my grandmother (my last living gparent) was admitted to the hospital. She had a distended stomach and couldn't eat. On Thursday, she felt sick to her stomach. That continued over the weekend. Late Sunday night, she went to the ER. Today, we buried her. We have no idea what was wrong with her. She was the strongest 92 year old I've ever met and had no symptoms until recently. The doctors first said "bowel obstruction" then "colon cancer was a possibility" then the final scan showed a "bloody mass."

In some ways, this was good as her suffering was short lived. I got to spend time with her and took my little monster to see her. He made her laugh as usual. I miss her so much already.

She passed away Friday night and Jace's first birthday party was Saturday. We went ahead and had it. I am glad we did. It allowed all of the family to be together again.

As I left the funeral, daycare called. Jace had 102.5 fever. I think he has an URI (I have one, too, right now). My poor sweet baby.

It's just been a bad week, a sad week and I need a hug :(


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