1st Trimester

anyone else?

i feel weird because....

i don't always "feel" pregnant.

i dont want my husband in with me for the exam, only the ultrasound.

i miss sonic route 44 drinks.


i haven't got a ticker...


Re: anyone else?

  • I forget I'm pregnant half the time.

    With my son, my OB was nice enough to offer DH a "before shot" of my cervix at our first appointment.  DH took him up on it.  Indifferent

    And you need a ticker.

  • It's funny, the week before I knew I was pregnant, I was having symptoms, but I REALLY didn't think I was pregnant at all (had even done a test).

    I do get tired, but really - there's not nausea, or really, anthing else. So I don't always feel pregnant either.

    And I was offered wine & beer frequently today and had to turn it down. I missed the wine.  

    But I have some tickers....


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  • I would dehydrate right now if it wasn't for Sonic drinks. I think the watermelon slushes are keeping me alive!
  • i have a ticker. we don't have a Sonic here :( and i wish i could get my mind off of being preg for 5 minutes so i could concentrate on something else. like homework. every time i think i'll start homework i log in to thebump lol
  • LOL I don't always feel pregnant either unless i'm nauscious which is right now, but it doesn't happen every day.  Or I get light cramps from time to time maybe about once a day, if that.  I am exhausted all the time though.  But I look at my stomach and wonder why im not getting bigger, or at least it doesn't feel like that.  I do feel that I am more pregnant by the end of the day, I don't know if it's from the bloat or the baby.

    I want my DH in there with the exam. He sees all that stuff any way when he is with me, minus the contraptions and the doctors.   

  • :whispers: why can't you have route 44 drinks?  


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  • *whispers back*

    didn't you know that drinking out of sonic cups in the first tri is no-no?

    really- i have cut back my soda intake.  a route 44 would defeat the purpose of my limited soda.

  • I am soo the same way...it was a total surprise to us, and i have work and 2 courses i am taking right now..i am bad cause i just sign in to here when i a trying to study!! i wonder if i should drop the courses...
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